Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 153

Chapter 153 What? Lu Zhanbei Likes Her?

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Lu Zhanbei’s car traveled farther and farther away. At this moment, Lin Wanwan reached the back gate of the school.

Suddenly, she heard a loud screeching sound of a car braking from behind her. Her conditioned reflexes led her to turn her head, and she saw a flamboyant Ferrari parked not too far away.

The car door opened, and a man wearing a trench coat walked out in big strides.

What the! The god of plague is here!

Lin Wanwan took off and ran. A sinister voice could be heard from behind her, “You’re trying to run?”

“” Lin Wanwan turned around mechanically and waved her hand stiffly. “Hi, young Tang. Good morning~”

Tang Chen stood in front of her. Looking at her fake smile, he flicked her forehead heavily without saying anything.


Lin Wanwan nearly shed tears from the pain, and she angrily pushed him away. “Are you crazy!”

These a*sholes!Why did they love to use their hands and legs on her today!

Tang Chen said with a fake smile, “Count your blessings that I didn’t already give you a good beating as I’m soft-hearted. Tell me, why did you add my mobile number to the blacklist?”

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “What nonsense are you uttering early in the morning? I don’t even know your number. How do I add it to the blacklist?”

“Take out your mobile.”

Lin Wanwan refused, and Tang Chen started to snatch it from her directly.

As they pushed and pulled, she knew that she couldn’t hide any longer and could only throw her mobile over. “Give, give, give. I’ll give it to you!”

Tang Chen received it and opened the blacklist. “This is the evidence.”

Lin Wanwan glanced at the screen. Indeed, she saw a foreign number on it.

“This is your number?”

“What else?”

“But I don’t remember blacklisting it”

Lin Wanwan was feeling puzzled when she suddenly remembered Lu Zhanbei blacklisting a nuisance caller’s number in the car previously.

Tang Chen’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light. “If it’s not you, could it be”

“It’s me!”

Tang Chen was crazy. Lin Wanwan did not want to create trouble for Lu Zhanbei and did not want him to know that she was together with Lu Zhanbei previously. As such, she decided to take the blame.

“I knew that it won’t be good if you call me. Out of sight, out of mind.”

Tang Chen half-laughed. “Oh? How did you know that was my number?”

“ Women’s sixth sense!”

Tang Chen looked at her for a while and complimented her, “You have used a great excuse. I’ll give you 100 marks. I’m not afraid you’ll turn arrogant.”

Lin Wanwan was a little embarrassed and tried to change the topic, “Why are you looking for me?”

“I wanted to ask, when did you and Lu Zhanbei become Luo Han’s fans?”

Lin Wanwan was shocked for a while but recovered herself after understanding. “You could actually recognize us?”

Was her disguise that unsuccessful?

Tang Chen smiled evilly. “Unless you are naked, I can recognize you regardless of what you wear. After all, this is true love.”

Lin Wanwan glanced at him speechlessly and wanted to turn around and walk away. At this moment, Tang Chen said without any clear meaning, “I didn’t expect it will be so soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“That Lu Zhanbei will like you so soon.”

What? Lu Zhanbei likes her?

Was she experiencing auditory hallucinations, or was Tang Chen’s brain damaged?

Lin Wanwan thought that this was hilarious. “You can definitely be a screenwriter with such imagination. I don’t believe that you don’t already know that Lu Zhanbei has someone in his heart, given your love-hate relationship with him.”

Tang Chen squinted his eyes. She knew too?

It looked like this little girl was cleverer than he imagined.

“Then how do you explain that he personally accompanied you to the airport to chase stars? The celebrity is still the gigolo you fancy. How deep are his feelings for you that he could actually do this? Of course, as compared to my feelings for you, he’s still a little worse off.”

As he questioned her, he did not forget to habitually confess his love for her.