Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Can A Second Rate Actor Like You Kiss Me?

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Lin Wanwan explained Lu Zhanbei’s previous explanation to him.

Tang Chen was furious. “You believe this?”

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. “Not entirely, but what meaning would there be in lying to me? I guess he just doesn’t want to tell me the reason, so he just casually fabricated one.”

“The reason is very simple.”


“He likes you.”

Lin Wanwan looked at him as if he was crazy and did not bother to argue with him again. “Bye!”

Tang Chen did not ask her to stay this time. As he watched her leave, his thin rose-colored lips spread in a meaningful smile.

Lu Zhanbei was not a busybody, and he was even afraid of trouble.

However, he actually chased Lin Wanwan to the airport and did not care if his identity would be exposed.

If this did not constitute him liking her, then what would?

Perhaps he himself did not even know that he would care about Lin Wanwan to such uncontrollable extents.

What was more interesting was that Lin Wanwan firmly believed that Lu Zhanbei was not interested in her. Even if Lu Zhanbei were to face his feelings one day, she might not accept him.

Hah, interesting.

Tang Chen leaned against the car door and moved the cigarette case in his hands up and down. “This is getting more and more fun.”

When the time was up, Lin Wanwan entered the production team of ‘Hello, My Sunshine‘ punctually.

Considering that she was still a student, Director Yu Xi did not disturb her for similar promotional activities or opening ceremonies.

On the first day of filming, Lin Wanwan had already seen the female lead Bai Youran and the male lead Duan Shaoyang.

She heard that Bai Youran was the daughter of the president of Xing Chen Entertainment. When she debuted, she immediately had the resources to play the female lead.

In order to groom her, Xing Chen did not hesitate using the ace, Luo Han, to serve as a contrast.

Duan Shaoyang was also in the heyday of his career at Xing Chen. On the basis of a male supporting actor role last year, he won the Most Potential Newbie award from the Flying Talent Awards.

Lin Wanwan felt that this was unfair to Luo Han.

These two were newbies. Xing Chen Entertainment should be dead for letting Luo Han be their contrast.

Luo Han had such a huge fan base. One spit from each fan was enough to drown Xing Chen. She did not understand why he promised to act in this.

Luo Han’s position was now stable. He had acquired bargaining power a long time ago.

Furthermore, she vaguely knew that Luo Han did not come from a simple background.

“You’re that famous newbie, Lin Wanwan?”

In all fairness, Bai Youran’s looks were not bad, especially her snow-white skin color. Her skin was so thin and tender that it could almost be said that it would be destroyed with just a simple blow.

It was just that her face could not hide the arrogance she displayed. She sized Lin Wanwan up with disdain, threw her a sentence, and walked away, shaking her slender waist.

“Your looks are just average”

All the staff including Yu Xi was a little embarrassed. Lin Wanwan’s face was calm though. She had seen many people with a princess syndrome. This was nothing.

She did not have a lot of acting scenes today. The main ones were between Bai Youran and Duan Shaoyang.

It was just that an accident had happened during the first scene

In the first scene, the male and female protagonists met. The scene was very exaggerated the female lead was betrayed by her boyfriend. In a fit of anger, she went to look for a one-night stand. After getting drunk, she bumped into the male lead, who was equally drunk.

The man was delirious and kissed her.

The front scenes were filmed well. Although Bai Youran was not exceptionally outstanding in her acting, her cute stubbornness was still penetrating.

The problem came when the two were kissing. Duan Shaoyang lowered his head and did not get the chance to kiss her yet.

Slap!Bai Youran raised her hand and gave him a slap.

“Get lost! Can a second-rate actor like you kiss me?”