Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 155

Chapter 155 There's No Hurt If There's No Comparison

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This slap not only shocked Duan Shaoyang but also caused the surrounding atmosphere to stagnate.

Duan Shaoyang shook his fists and held his head down. “This was a requirement from the script.”

“I don’t listen to these! Anyway, you’re just not fit. Delete this scene!”

Yu Xi hurriedly ran over with a bitter look on his face. He smiled apologetically, saying, “My dear Miss. You have already read the script beforehand and said that there was nothing wrong. Why are you going back on your words now?”

Bai Youran did not feel that she was in the wrong. She asserted argumentatively, “It’s so thick. How can I possibly finish reading it in such a short period of time? Furthermore, when you said there would be a kissing scene then, I thought it would be with Luo Han. In the end, it’s with such a small fry. Director, has water entered your brains?”


Lin Wanwan, who was sitting by the side, thought that this was an eyeopener. This girl had a strong character.

But, she likes Luo Han?

Lin Wanwan looked at Duan Shaoyang, whose expression had stiffened. She then looked at Yu Xi, who was saying nice words to Bai Youran. She shook her head helplessly.

This drama was going to be quite rhythmic

In the end, only when Yu Xi tried every possible way to persuade her did Bai Youran reluctantly agree to change the kissing scene to a scene that kissed her forehead.

Even so, she had a look of contempt when the filming started. Duan Shaoyang did not look good either. The two of them NG-ed countless of times before managing to stumble through.

Bai Youran left immediately after her acting scenes were done.

Lin Wanwan was playing the second female lead Ming Mei, who was the fiance of the male lead, He Bai. It was a business marriage where Ming Mei had one-sided feelings for He Bai. However, she’d always hidden her feelings for him well.

He Bai treated her as a brother. In the end, he got together with the female lead, Gao Keke.

Ming Mei could not control her feelings and started to turn evil. All the underhanded schemes and plots came one after another.

However, in the early stage, she had the image of a cold and glamorous queen.

In the beginning, Yu Xi was very concerned that Lin Wanwan could not control a role with such a strong and powerful aura.

However, when she put on makeup and started filming, he was no longer worried.

Ming Mei looked elegant in her office lady outfit and eight-centimeter high heels.

In the camera lens, her pair of snow white legs were slender and well-proportioned. There were no pores at all.

She gently pushed open the office door and walked to the back of the man who was working in front of the study table. She quietly looked at his handsome profile, and her cold eyes softened a little.

He Bai turned his head around and discovered her. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Trying to scare me?”

“Surprised?” She smiled plainly. Her feelings for him immediately disappeared. What was left was that cold beauty which could only be seen from afar but not get close to.

“Still ok.”

“This is a present for you. See if you like it?”

“I’ll like anything that you give me.”

He Bai replied carelessly and casually tossed the present to the side, without any intention to even glance at it.

Ming Mei’s eyes turned dark. She did not tell him that she spent a whole month to choose this present and lightly patted his shoulder.

“I heard that your father’s illegitimate child has entered the He family. Don’t be afraid. If he dares to snatch anything away from you, I’ll definitely help you and kill him.”

Ming Mei smiled beautifully. Even if she said words that caused fear in others, her eyes were still gentle.

“Cut!” Yu Xi rubbed his hands in delight. “This part is ok. Lin Wanwan, your acting’s not bad!”

After looking at Bai Youran’s performance, then at Lin Wanwan’s, it was like his eyes were being washed.

The assistant director had worked hard in explaining the script to Lin Wanwan. For her to act in such a way, he must increase her salary!

“Thank you, Director.” This performance was within her control and did not require any exquisite skills to execute.

“Didn’t expect Lin Wanwan’s acting skills to be not bad. No wonder An Qiao complimented on Weibo that she has the gift!”

“She’s much better than Bai Youran”