Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 156

Chapter 156 How To Choose Between Desserts And Luo Han

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After filming a few scenes with Lin Wanwan, Duan Shaoyang found that feeling too.

Lin Wanwan thought that he was not bad. He was neither arrogant nor easily irritable, and he could tolerate well. That was why she entered the scenes with him intentionally at times.

They had only a small number of NGs in a whole day of filming. Yu Xi was so happy that he kept complimenting them.

For two weeks consecutively, Lin Wanwan had an unwavering look on her face as she waited for Luo Han to come over. Unfortunately, the famous actor didn’t appear even once.

Taking advantage of when she was free, she made a trip back to Ruan Baoer’s condominium.

Even if she was already mentally prepared, she could not help but hold her face with both hands with a shocked expression on her face after entering.

Oh my.Every time she was here, she felt like she had opened the door to a new world.

Looking at the messy living room, Lin Wanwan raised her hand and held her forehead in silence.

The room looked like a wasteland. On the other hand, Ruan Baoer had tidied herself up pretty well.

She wasn’t sure which cartoon character she was cosplaying again. There were two furry cat ears on her head. When she pouted her red lips, she looked extremely cute.

“Sister Ball, what expression is this? Are you despising me again?” Ever since she learned that Lin Wanwan allowed her fans to call her “Ball,” Ruan Baoer had followed suit and called her the same.

Lin Wanwan looked absent-minded and laughed. “I’m thinking where am I now, what have I experienced, who am I, where did I come from, and where will I go.”

Ruan Baoer answered seriously, “You came from your mother’s stomach. When you die, you will go to heaven. You’re now in hell.”

“Ah” Lin Wanwan resigned herself to fate and started to pack up. As she swept the floor, she mumbled to herself and started complaining.

“Now I know why Si Han wanted to send you away. Your destructive powers are not comparable to an average person’s. Right, how did you and Si Han know each other?”

“I was caught stealing his money. Seeing that he looked wealthy, I was thick-skinned and insisted on being his servant. He accidentally bought what I said and agreed to it.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. Heh heh, she was quite straightforward.

After packing up the living room, she thumped her aching waist. She saw from the corner of her eye Ruan Baoer crossing her legs while seated on the sofa, holding a bowl of washed strawberries and eating them with gusto.

As she watched television, she muttered, “This female lead is so ugly!”

She was so happy and satisfied

Lin Wanwan laughed out of anger. Had she hired an assistant or a master?

She balled her fists and was about to throw her a few vicious words when Ruan Baoer suddenly adjusted her position and knelt on the sofa. She puffed her cheeks and placed a clenched fist by her ear. She did the action of a fortune cat waving its arm, and the two ears in her head swayed slightly.

“I’m hungry~”

So so cute!

Lin Wanwan bought into this act of cuteness and could not help but say, “I’ll bring you out for a meal.”

She knew how to act cute too, but compared to Ruan Baoer, she was completely defeated.

“Oh yay!”

Ruan Baoer had a look of victory, which made Lin Wanwan mentally tired.

After bringing her to have a Western meal, Lin Wanwan suddenly thought of her makeup skills that had reached the acme of perfection and decided to bring her over to the production team to be a makeup artist.

She could not let her be alone anymore. If not, sooner or later, she will blow up the condominium!

The two were walking outside when Yu Xi’s call came. As he asked her to go back to the production team, he delivered a piece of good news as well

Luo Han was there!

Lin Wanwan pulled Ruan Baoer along and dashed back to the production team. On the car, she received Lu Zhanbei’s call.

“Sir, what orders do you have for me?”

Lu Zhanbei said slowly, “Jin Tong Que in the US has recruited two master chefs. They are only here for a day and will leave tomorrow. There’s only a limited supply of 100 portions.”

Lin Wanwan had an internal struggle!

What does she do? Between desserts and Luo Han, how could she choose?