Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 157

Chapter 157 To Catch The Small Liar

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He felt her struggle from the silence. Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes slightly and said, “You don’t want to go?”

“I do, but I have something on, so I’ll give it a miss.” Lin Wanwan’s heart was bleeding.

“What’s that something?”


Filming? She was not someone who would let her stomach suffer just because of filming. She used to sneak out of the production team a couple of times just to eat delicious food.

He remembered her saying before that not even a boyfriend would be placed on par with her favorite desserts.

So who was it she was filming with that there was such a huge temptation?

“With whom?”

She did not know if it was an illusion. Lin Wanwan felt that Lu Zhanbei’s words were slightly oppressive.

She paused for a moment. Thinking about the examination papers she had yet to complete, she said without thinking, “Male lead, Duan Shaoyang.”

“Really?” The man’s tone turned slightly cold.

“Yes!” The woman said firmly.

“Then go. I’ll keep the desserts for you.”

Lin Wanwan did not expect such a good thing to happen. She immediately smiled, saying, “You’re really the best man in this world!”

She gave her mobile a loud kiss. This sound eased Lu Zhanbei’s cold eyebrows a little.

“That’s it then. I’ll hang up first. Find you after work!”

Lu Zhanbei looked at his mobile screen which had now turned black. His expression was hard to read.

“Gu Mo, prepare the car.”

Gu Mo responded, not forgetting to gossip, “Sir, where are we going?”

“To catch the small liar.”

Lin Wanwan happily dragged Ruan Baoer to the production team. Too bad it was too early and Luo Han was still on the roads.

Bai Youran was here today too. In the original arrangement, she did not have any acting scenes.

Bai Youran brought along her assistants, servants, makeup artists, and costume designers to the dressing room. She did not even look at Lin Wanwan, who was sitting by the side playing with her mobile.

“Do my makeup quickly. Pick a prettier dress too. I’ll wear that when filming later.”

From what she was saying, she wanted to wear her own clothes for filming?

The assistant director came to her immediately with a bitter look on her face. “Ms. Bai, this is not compliant with the rules”

Bai Youran snorted coldly. “My words are the rules!”

In the end, the assistant director could only find Yu Xi to discuss.

Lin Wanwan saw the shyness in Bai Youran’s eyes and could probably understand why she was so tormented.

This was an urban drama that suited the tastes of little girls today, and exaggerated scenes could not be left out.

For instance, the female lead role was just an average girl from a small family. The costumes she wore in the drama were quite commonplace.

Bai Youran liked Luo Han and, thus, would hope to appear in front of him with the most perfect image.

“Be careful, I’ll fire you guys if your movements are too slow!”

Once Bai Youran raged, the people she brought along started moving. Those who did makeup did her makeup. Those who picked the clothes picked her clothes. Those who served tea served her tea.

Ruan Baoer, who was at the side, pouted. “They are not her servants. Who is she to order them around?”

Lin Wanwan gave her a side glance. “They are assistants, just like you!”

However, there was simply a great difference in the treatment between the two.

Ruan Baoer threw away the melon seed skin and smiled sweetly. “Bai Youran has paid their salary. Have you?”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

Bai Youran insisted on filming today, and in her own pretty clothes too.

Yu Xi pulled out a few strands of hair before deciding to film in advance the scene where an average girl was transformed into a phoenix, resulting in the second female lead being jealous.

This meant that Lin Wanwan had to film too. Thus, she let Ruan Baoer, who was bored to tears, do her makeup.