Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 158

Chapter 158 The Two Acting Experts Got Away With Infuriating Her

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When she heard about makeup, Ruan Baoer became excited immediately. “No problem, I guarantee that you will become the first beauty!”

Before Lin Wanwan could say anything, Bai Youran, who was currently doing her makeup, sneeringly said, “The first beauty? Aren’t you afraid of saying such unrealistic words? How skillful can a foolish makeup artist be?”

Ruan Baoer lifted her chin and snorted. “Be careful of your face hurting later!”

Bai Youran kept her gaze with a look of disdain.

Ruan Baoer took out the cosmetic bag she carried along with her and started to do Lin Wanwan’s makeup. Lin Wanwan closed her eyes as she felt the soft brush sweeping back and forth across her face.

Not knowing how long had passed


Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan opened her eyes. Her eyes quickly flashed a shocked glimmer of light.

The woman in the mirror had light makeup, but the facial features that were beautiful in the first place were somehow made more glamorous.

Especially that light shade of red at the corner of the eyes. Matching the eye movements, they were like the most beautiful plums in winter, illuminating the snow and making all the surrounding scenery pale, serving as a contrast.

Bai Youran’s face sank when she saw this. She glared fiercely at her own makeup artist.

Lin Wanwan was prettier in the first place. Now, the difference was even bigger!

Ruan Baoer was considered satisfied. “Pretty?”

“Pretty” Lin Wanwan gave her a big thumbs up. “Your makeup skills is definitely this!”

“No, it’s because you are pretty.” Ruan Baoer suddenly complimented her. “You are prettier than all the other women here. If I did this makeup for another woman, it will definitely not achieve such a great effect.”

Lin Wanwan initially did not understand what she meant, but quickly reacted, “No, it’s because your skills are good. This is the first time I’m realizing that I’m actually this pretty.”


The two acting experts looked at each other affectionately and continued the conversation.

One complimented Lin Wanwan for her beauty. The other complimented Ruan Baoer for her perfect skills. As Bai Youran listened to this, the expression on her face turned worse!

She stood up fiercely and walked away without saying a word.

A group of people immediately kept up but were scolded harshly.

“A bunch of useless people. Stay away from me!” After saying this, she marched off in anger.

Ruan Baoer stuck out her tongue. “Look at how I retaliated!”

Lin Wanwan gave her a side glance. “That works, Baoer. You’re experienced at using this tactic of playing dumb to take advantage of someone.”

This girl was definitely not as innocent as she looked and was full of tricks.

“You’re not bad too. If not, why would she keep calling you a fool? Don’t know who’s the real fool.”

“Well said, well said.”

The studio informed her that her scene was up soon. Lin Wanwan changed into her costume and walked out.


Gao Keke and He Bai developed feelings for each other. He Bai asked her to accompany him to attend a banquet as his female companion.

After dressing up, the woman who was usually inconspicuous became dazzling, and many rich men were interested in pursuing her.

He Bai was jealous and pulled her to the room halfway. They flirted in all ways, and the atmosphere became ambiguous.

At this moment, Ming Mei pushed open the door and entered.

Wearing a red evening gown, her temperament was cold. When she saw the couple hugging on the bed, the things in her hands fell to the ground.

There was dead silence.

Gao Keke got off the bed, looking helpless. “Ming Mei”

Ming Mei glanced at He Bai and said, “Slut.”

Her tone was calm. However, that pair of beautiful eyes were full of anger, hatred, and sadness!

Gao Keke refused to give in. She mustered up the courage to look at her eye-to-eye but was stunned.

What kind of eyes were these