Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Specialized In Attacking Arrogant Faces 1

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Although she was full of anger, she felt that she would shed tears the next second.


Yu Xi interrupted and wanted to swear. However, the person who NG-ed was Bai Youran. Thus, he could only swallow it down.

“You can’t be in a daze during this moment. You should have unleashed Gao Keke’s gift of the gab and retaliated!”

Committing an acting mistake in front of everyone, Bai Youran felt that she could not step down from the stage.

She took a deep breath and decided to act well.


Lin Wanwan scolded once more and Bai Youran immediately retaliated. However, the aura was not strong enough, which resulted in a lower level of persuasiveness.

Yu Xi tolerated and did not interrupt as he watched Lin Wanwan walk over step by step.

“I am his legitimate fiance. There are so many men in this world, but you just had to seduce a married man. Tell me, are you not cheap? Huh?”

A beauty was beautiful even when scolding others.

Furthermore, when Lin Wanwan said her lines, the stubbornness and sadness were so obvious in her eyes. People could not help but want to pity and care for her.

“Enough!” He Bai stood up with a cold face. “Ming Mei, don’t go too overboard. From beginning to end, I have never loved you. I only have her as my woman!”

After saying this, he hugged Gao Keke in his embrace.

Gao Keke turned shy. Then, she looked at Ming Mei. “I’m sorry.”

It was a pity that she was too ostentatious in her acting, and she did not show any sense of guilt.

“Haha” Ming Mei suddenly laughed loudly. She laughed until tears started to shed.

After laughing, she said word by word, “You adulterous pair. I’ll give you full marks.”

The staff personnel at the scene seemed to have forgotten about Lin Wanwan herself as they were automatically brought into the character. They could not help but to start to feel bad.

According to the preconceived notion, the male and female leads were officially matched and everyone should have stood on their side.

However, as Lin Wanwan’s acting was better and Bai Youran’s counterattack was too weak, it made people feel that He Bai was a fool for not liking Ming Mei, who was good in all ways, and for liking a Green Tea Bitch instead.

Also, how could Gao Keke be so righteous after being a third party? She was deserving of a scolding!

Lin Wanwan’s acting had really improved more and more as time went by. Even those who didn’t understand acting could tell.

However, what they didn’t know was that Lin Wanwan deliberately acted this way. Only when it was silently sneaked in step by step would it produce the best effect.

“Cut!” Yu Xi said with a headache. “Another take.”

The third time.

“Cut! Cut, cut, cut!”

In the end, Yu Xi could not control himself anymore regardless of how good-tempered he may be. He had called for a cut so many times that majority of the people there could already recite the female lead’s lines.

This Bai Youran normally had a powerful aura when she was being unreasonable. Why was she acting this way now!

She was so incapable!

As she lost face in front of everyone, Bai Youran’s expression turned extremely dark. Her missy temper acted up, and she pointed at Yu Xi’s nose and scolded, “What’s wrong with you? There’s obviously a problem with the role Gao Keke. It’s all the screenwriter’s and your fault!”

Heh heh heh. Yu Xi thought it was ironic that she blamed the character and them for her bad acting.

Everyone looked at one another. They could see the ridicule in each other’s eyes.

Due to Bai Youran’s identity, they eventually chose to shut up.

Lin Wanwan silently mourned for Yu Xi in her heart. This director was considered a leader in the field of commercial filming. To think he was being lectured by Bai Youran now like a grandson by his grandmother. Poor thing.

She rubbed her lips lightly and prepared to exit the scene lest she got herself in hot water.

“You dare to mock me?!”

Seeing her little gesture of rubbing her lips slightly, Bai Youran, who was already angry, immediately fired up. New and old hatred surged up together!