Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Specialized In Attacking Arrogant Faces 2

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“Do you think your acting was fantastic? It’s all just because of the role you were playing. Since you’re not convinced by me, well, you play Gao Keke then. I want to see how much better you will fare!”

Why was she in the picture when she did nothing at all?

Lin Wanwan did not want to take the rap, but Ruan Baoer, who desired to stir up trouble, egged on and said, “Go. Teach her a lesson!”

Everyone looked towards Lin Wanwan. She clearly saw the approval from their eyes.

“” Lin Wanwan secretly rolled her eyes.


Bai Youran had already started playing the role of Ming Mei. Facing Lin Wanwan, she started scolding her.


Lin Wanwan reacted very quickly and immediately entered the role of Gao Keke.

She lifted her chin with some arrogance in her expression, not forgetting her original playfulness.

“When a slut scolds me, I can’t be a slut and scold back. Ms. Ming, if this is how a famous daughter from a prestigious family had been brought up, then I have to say, I’m disappointed.”

Bai Youran let out a low roar of exasperation, “Don’t forget who’s the third party here!”

Lin Wanwan was neither haughty nor humble. Her expression was calm as she said, “Number one, I’ve only learned about your relationship status with He Bai just now, so I’m not a so-called third party. Number two, both of you are not married yet, so He Bai cannot be considered a married man. Number three, from now on, I will break up with He Bai. After the both of you have called off the engagement, I will then decide again if I want to be together with him.”

After saying this, she sighed and said with endless apologies, “Sorry.”

Even if Gao Keke didn’t know about this beforehand, she did owe Ming Mei a sincere apology.

Lin Wanwan and Bai Youran’s acting were totally different. It was obviously the same role, but very different.

“You” Bai Youran’s expression changed, and she was about to say something.

At this moment, a loud round of applause sounded.

The spectators were somewhat shocked. It was a wonderful thing to see people acting.

When Lin Wanwan played the role of Ming Mei, they could not wait to rip the female lead up to pieces.

When she played the role of the female lead though, they felt that whatever she said was correct.

Although Lin Wanwan’s acting was not bad, it shouldn’t be so good to this extent

Switching between two roles with completely different personalities, not only was there no abruptness, but she also had easy control over the matter. Could it be that her acting skills suddenly exploded due to this provocation?

What a good explosion of skills!

She should have attacked this arrogant face of Bai Youran’s!

Although everyone did not say a single word, the thundering applause was the best recognition to her.

Bai Youran looked embarrassed. Her face was like a palette that had been knocked over it was flushed red for a moment, then as white as paper the next.

She felt like a clown. She thought that she had directed a good show. However, the audience did not buy it and what she received was booing, along with mocking gazes.

After a long while, she suddenly yelled, “What are all of you clapping for!”

Embarrassed in front of everyone, Bai Youran was so angry that she lost her rationality. “Do you all think that Lin Wanwan acts better than me? Are you all blind? I bet all of you have forgotten who I am!”


Everyone recovered themselves and stopped applauding. Most of them were Xing Chen’s employees, and they couldn’t afford to offend this missy.

They lowered their heads in fear and dared not to even take deep breaths now. Bai Youran felt that she had regained face and smiled coldly at Lin Wanwan, her eyes flashing warningly.

“Lin Wanwan, do you also think that my acting is worse than yours?” If she dared to say yes, she need not play the second female lead anymore!

Lin Wanwan was stunned too. This was the first time she’d encountered a scenario where it was not allowed for others to comment on one’s poor acting, as well as for others to act better than oneself.