Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 161

Chapter 161 You Are Not On Her Level

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Lin Wanwan was put into a somewhat tricky spot. If she could, she wanted to avoid any trouble before shed become powerful enough.

Everyone could tell whos in the wrong; Bai Youran couldnt change their minds.

Admitting defeat wouldnt hurt.


Before Lin Wanwan could speak, a piercing voice came from afar.

"Acting-wise, you are not on the same level as Lin Wanwan."

This was

Everyone was stunned. Bai Youran turned in surprise to see a young man strolling towards the crowd. His brows were sharp and defined, and his charisma was overwhelming.

"Luo Han!"

Upon seeing the man whos always been on her mind, Bai Youran turned into a shy and timid girl in a split second.

Luo Hans words made her even happier. She raised her voice and said, "You are the only one with good taste. How can a fool like Lin Wanwan be on the same level as me"

Luo Han cut her off when he finished his line.

"You dont deserve to be compared to her." He was merely stating facts.

"" He had said it in a soft voice, yet everyone heard a loud slap on Bai Yourans face.

The crowd admired the cool man Luo Han, then turned their attention to Bai Youran, who looked pale.

Although she looked pitiful, no one felt any sympathy towards her.

Lin Wanwan acted calm, but her heart was on cloud nine. He was protecting her before they even started dating. Commendable action!

"Luo Han, how could you degrade me like this?"

Bai Yourans voice came from behind, but Luo Han looked as if he didnt hear a thing. Walking to Yu Xi, he said softly, "Director Yu, I only have three free days in the coming month. Please speed up the production so I can finish the shooting."

His words were polite, yet the tone was rather commanding.

Yu Xi nodded and glanced at the vice director without looking at Bai Youran.

"All staffs, listen up! Prepare to shoot!"

In the end, Bai Youran ran back to the resting room, bawling.

If a young boy saw the way she looked at Lin Wanwan as she ran away, he would have nightmares every night.

Although Lin Wanwan didnt have any scenes to shoot with Luo Han, she stayed to watch.

A while into the shoot, she was screaming like the fangirls around her

Luo Han had improved significantly over the past two years.

She still remembered meeting him before she passed away. She joked about how she hoped that Luo Han could overtake her and stand at the top of the entertainment world.

Back then, Luo Han had smiled gently and said that he wouldnt stay beneath a woman forever. He wanted to fight for the best!

Still sunk in memories, Lin Wanwan was called back into reality by the appearance of Ruan Baoer. "Eh, what are you dreaming about? Luo Han has already left!"

"Ah?" Lin Wanwan stood up and scanned around. "Where did he go?"

"The resting room, probably."

Lin Wanwan calmed herself down and decided to talk to him at a later time.

Ruan Baoer sneaked over and elbowed her waist. "Do you like this guy?"

Lin Wanwan nodded. "Yep."

Although they still didnt know each other, she believed that they would develop feelings as time passes.

Lin Wanwans shooting had ended, but she stayed since Luo Han was there.

When he was shooting, she stared at him. When he was resting, she racked her brain to think of ways to start a conversation.

While she was still troubling over which line to use, Luo Han walked towards her.