Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Lu Zhanbei Luo Han. Uncle And Nephew?

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She didn’t dare to look back but just lowered her head slowly and stared at her toes.

Luo Han, on the other hand, quickly turned to look at the man who was approaching from the other side of the hallway.

“Mr. Lu.”

Luo Han knew Lu Zhanbei?

Although Lin Wanwan was curious, she didn’t dare to raise her head.

Lu Zhanbei walked over and glanced at Lin Wanwan, who kept her face tucked into her chests.

“Luo Han, I happened to look through the family tree last night. Guess what I found.”

Luo Han’s eyes flickered with intricacies. “No idea.”

Lu Zhanbei’s sight landed on Luo Han with what seemed like a smile on his face.

Lin Wanwan was afraid that Lu Zhanbei would bully her future boyfriend and wanted to speak up.


Lu Zhanbei’s fiery eyes turned to Lin Wanwan, and Lin Wanwan lost her courage immediately, lowering her head again.

Lu Zhanbei folded his arms and spoke casually, “The Luo family is related to the Lu family at its ninth generation.”

Huh?Lin Wanwan froze.

Luo Han answered calmly, “I’ve heard about it, a female from our family married into yours.”

“Therefore, judging from the family tree, you should call me” Lu Zhanbei dragged his voice.

Luo Han studied his expression for a moment and answered, “Uncle.”


Lu Zhanbei nodded in satisfaction as he glanced at Lin Wanwan from the corner of his eye. When he saw the stunned look on her face, his smile became more gentle than ever.

“I still intend to recognize the relationship between our families, so don’t call the wrong name when we meet again. Also, if you ever have a girlfriend, don’t forget to let her greet her uncle!”

He emphasized the last two words.

Lin Wanwan clenched her teeth!

Who the hell would mention such relatives? He obviously wanted to take advantage of her!

God damn uncle!

“Ok.” Although Luo Han was doubtful of Lu Zhanbei’s intention, he stayed composed.

Families like Lu and Luo had centuries of history. There was no way for them to recognize every single relative.

As time passed, the main branch of the families were the only ones that remained blood-bound. A relationship like the one between Lu Zhanbei and Luo Han was as light as a feather.

Lu was the most powerful family in the country. Although Luo wasn’t bad either, it was not comparable with the Lu family.

The elders in the Luo family had tried to befriend Lu using that relationship, but none had succeeded.

Now, the young leader of this generation was offering to recognize it?

Lu Zhanbei sounded like a senior, and his smile was amicable. “To celebrate our new relationship, let’s have a meal together!”


“Let’s go.”


Lin Wanwan was stunned.

Eh? Are they leaving just like this? What about me?

Looking at the pair leaving the studio, Lin Wanwan yelled, “What about me? Can you bring me along? I’m not a big eater!”

Luo Han didn’t respond and turned to Lu Zhanbei. He felt that Lu Zhanbei sounded gentle and soothing, unlike the rumors of him being high and mighty.

“Aren’t you busy with shooting the drama with the male lead? If you are so busy with your work, how can I bother you?”


Crap! This man is holding grudges against me.

After the pair disappeared from her sight, Lin Wanwan kicked the wall in anger!

“Lu Zhanbei, I’ll never forgive you for stealing my boyfriend!”

Eh, something sounded wrong with that line.