Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Delivered By A Beautiful Man

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The only chair was taken by Lin Wanwan. Looking at Lu Zhanbei who was studying her dormitory while standing, she mumbled unwillingly, “You can sit on my bed.”

Lu Zhanbei took a seat and saw a one-eared bunny on the bed.


“Duh! Why would it be on my bed if it’s not mine?”

Lu Zhanbei glanced over with playful eyes and said, “You seem to have a terrible temper these days.”

Lin Wanwan didn’t look at him; she was busy taking out the desserts from their packaging. “Stealing boyfriends is as sinful as murdering one’s parents. Why can’t I scold you for doing that? Also, I haven’t even scolded you yet.”

“Not yet?”

Lu Zhanbei stood up and flashed her the messages that she sent. “Who was the turtle scolding then?”

“The turtle was scolding you! Eh”

Meeting Lu Zhanbei’s mocking eyes, she found that it was too late to take back her words.

Why did she fall for a simple trap like this?

Lu Zhanbei didn’t further fuel her burning anger. He lied down and used the bunny as his pillow.

The bed was rather small, so he had to bend his legs.

Lin Wanwan spoke without letting her eyes off the deserts, “Sneaking into the girl’s dormitory does sound like something you would do. Don’t you want to leave soon?”

Lu Zhanbei chuckled. “Lin Wanwan, are you kicking me to the curb after I’ve outlived my usefulness?”

She wanted to chase him away after receiving her food.

“I’m just afraid that you will be caught and labeled as a pervert.”

Lu Zhanbei acknowledged with a snort. There was a pleasant scent coming from the pillow. Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes and enjoyed the rare tranquility.

As his mind relaxed, he felt sleepy.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, Lin Wanwan said softly, “What did you say to Luo Han?”

The name set Lu Zhanbei wide awake. His voice was cold, saying, “Why do you care?”

“Of course I do. What if you said something bad about me?”

Lu Zhanbei paused and questioned, “Were you mad on that day?”

Mentioning this reignited Lin Wanwan’s anger. “Obviously! You had to disturb us after I had finally managed to make some progress with Luo Han.”

“I was angrier than you were.”

“Ah? Why?” Lin Wanwan was confused.

Lu Zhanbei kept his eyes closed. “Did you forget what I said to you?”

His voice sounded dangerous. Lin Wanwan’s heart skipped a beat.


She avoided his question.

Lu Zhanbei kept his eyes closed, yet Lin Wanwan could feel his freezing aura. She stopped eating and walked to the bed.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you. It was just that everyone has times when they can’t help themselves, right?”

Can’t help themselves?

Just like how he couldn’t help but rush here in the middle of the night to comfort her since she was angry?

Lu Zhanbei froze.


He was just here to scold her for not keeping her promise.

Lu Zhanbei finally opened his eyes, and what greeted him was Lin Wanwan’s fawning smile.

Her lovely eyes begged for forgiveness, softening his heart.

“Do you like Luo Han that much?”

Lu Zhanbei’s softened voice encouraged Lin Wanwan. “Why? Didn’t you say that you want to be my uncle?”

Lu Zhanbei wanted to laugh, but his face looked bitter.

For the past few days, he had felt like something was wrong. After looking at his own actions, he realized that he had been beating his head against the wall.

Why did he recognize the relationship with the Luo family all of a sudden?