Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 166

Chapter 166 The Man Hiding Under The Bed Sheet

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Was it really because he wanted to punish her?

Dating Luo Han was her choice, which had nothing to do with him.

He couldn’t comprehend his behavior. All he could do was try his best to adjust his mindset.

“I won’t interfere again.”

Lu Zhanbei looked and sounded distant and cold. Lin Wanwan had a dangerous intuition. She asked carefully, “Are you angry?”


His stiff reply made Lin Wanwan more perturbed than before.

Reading her expression, Lu Zhanbei tried to soothe his voice.

“I’m serious. Lin Wanwan, I’ll still be supporting you, but only when you are in trouble. I won’t interfere with your personal life any longer.”

Lin Wanwan froze for a second; Lu Zhanbei’s tone sounded strange.

The first part felt like he was sincerely trying to help her.

However, the second part was cold and bitter.

Lin Wanwan realized that guys could be more complicated than girls. She really couldn’t tell what Lu Zhanbei was feeling.

Putting her thoughts aside, she said in jest, “You sound like a modest wife telling her husband to sleep with whichever woman he desires.”

She glanced at Lu Zhanbei. “Was that what you meant?”

The atmosphere lightened with Lu Zhanbei’s smile. Ignoring her comment, he said, “It’s late, I’ll take my leave.”

He got up and took his belongings.

Lin Wanwan nodded. Before she could agree, a beam of light shone through the window.

“Lin Wanwan, are you there?”

It was her form teacher, Ms. Yu!

“Get down!”

In a hurry, she leaped onto Lu Zhanbei, who was still in bed, and pulled the blanket to cover both of them!

She pressed his head down and spoke nineteen to the dozen, “Lu Zhanbei, you better not move a muscle, or I am done for!”

The man agreed under his breath.

Ms. Yu spoke again, “Were you asleep?”

Lin Wanwan’s head was out. “Not yet, is there anything I can help with?”

“Nothing major.”

The school wanted to host a performance and would like Lin Wanwan to be the emcee for the night, so she was here to ask for her approval.

The teacher was afraid that she had to leave the school for her filming, so she hurried to inform her right after the meeting. “Don’t be nervous, all you have to do is follow the script, just like shooting a drama.”

How could Lin Wanwan refuse under this situation?

“I Aiya”

She was about to agree when she felt a tingling sensation around her chest. It shocked her like a hundred-volt current as she let out a light moan.

Lin Wanwan looked down, and she almost fainted at the view.

Since she was putting her weight on Lu Zhanbei, Lu Zhanbei’s face was right in front of her chest.

The jacket was wide open, and her dress was low-cut. Her fair skin was exposed in thin air.

The man’s warm breath gave her goosebumps.

What the hell!

Lin Wanwan’s face blushed, and her body stiffened.

Lu Zhanbei realized the change in her. As he looked up to see what was happening, the tip of his nose touched her soft skin.

His tranquility was disturbed.

Under this circumstance, no man could possibly hold their composure.