Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Soft But A Little Small

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"Stay still!"

Lin Wanwan yelled trying to get up. Ms. Yu heard her voice and flashed the torchlight at her. "Lin Wanwan, who are you talking to?"

Lin Wanwan sank her body in shock. Now, Lu Zhanbeis face was completely buried under her chests.

The position was so erotic that her body was trembling uncontrollably.

"No nothing. I was in a phone call!"

"Oh. I see."

Ms. Yu couldnt have imagined a model student like Lin Wanwan hiding a man under her sheets. She went on about the performance.

Lin Wanwan was running out of patience. She cut her off, "Leave it to me!"


Ms. Yu continued to tell her about the precautions to take as an emcee.

"" Lin Wanwan wanted to neck herself.Please! Just leave!

It wasnt easy for Lu Zhanbei either.

Lin Wanwans smooth skin was the only thing he could see, and her alluring scent was the only thing he could smell.

The tip of his nose brushed against her skin, pulling strings in his heart.

Although Lu Zhanbei would claim that he had self-control stronger than any man, he couldnt help but feel lost in the atmosphere.

His right arm grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him.

The gap between the two was closed, and neither knew who was the one who lost their mind.

The room was heated as the aroma of love brewed in the air.

"Ms. Yu, Im sleepy. Lets continue tomorrow!" Lin Wanwan couldnt take it any longer.

"Alright, have a good rest."

Hearing her footsteps fade away, Lin Wanwan wanted to get off the bed, but she realized that Lu Zhanbei was holding tightly onto her.

"Let me go!" A voice of struggle escaped her teeth.

Lu Zhanbei didnt hear a thing; his enigmatic eyes were filled with lust. Lin Wanwans scent was seductive, and he couldnt help but rub his nose against her chest.

"Pretty soft."


His words blew a fuse.

Lin Wanwan held her hand into a fist and punched his shoulder with all her strength.

It was a pretty powerful punch. Lu Zhanbei, who was not prepared at all, let go of her out of pain.

Lin Wanwan took the chance to jump off the bed and zip her jacket up. She clenched her teeth and glared at the pervert lying in her bed. "Was the punch soft too?"

His shoulder was still in dull pain. He looked at her, the lust in Lu Zhanbeis eyes gone.

Under the faint light, the blushing girl with the dark hair looked stunning.


He smiled and added with a serious look, "Soft, but a little small."

"" Lin Wanwans anger reached its brim!How dare he mock me after all that!

She tightened her fist and dashed towards Lu Zhanbei. "You pervert! Ill end your life today!"

Lu Zhanbei dodged her attacks with ease.

Before Lin Wanwan could get to him, he had stepped out of the dormitory. He said before leaving, "Dont be sad, you still have a chance. Ill get someone to deliver food that helps with your growth."


Lin Wanwan blew up again. "Lu! Zhan! Bei!"

When she rushed out of the dorm, he was nowhere to be seen.

That night, Lin Wanwan couldnt sleep at all. She felt an intense pain deep inside.

Shed never been treated like this in her life!