Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two Women

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Better keep some distance from Lu Zhanbei’ she thought. She was going to have a boyfriend soon; it was no good being too close to another man.

Lin Wanwan went a night without sleep, same as Lu Zhanbei.

A helicopter waited quietly at the field next to the dormitory.

Lu Zhanbei stepped onto the stairs, and Gu Mo shut the door behind him.

The helicopter lifted steadily.

While Gu Mo was focused on flying the helicopter, Lu Zhanbei approached him.

He leaned against the door with no emotion on his face. “I recalled that you had a woman that you loved, but you broke up with her in the end.”

“That’s right.”

Mentioning this, Gu Mo’s face sank. He regained his smile after a while and said, “Why did you talk about this all of a sudden?”

Lu Zhanbei asked after some thought, “Do you think it’s possible for a man to love two women at once?”


Gu Mo never imagined that the day would come when Lu Zhanbei would ask him for relationship advice.

He had been following Lu Zhanbei around for more than a decade. To him, Lu Zhanbei was a leader, a brother, and, most importantly, a dear friend.

To Gu Mo, Lu Zhanbei seemed more like a god than human.

Love and emotions had never meant anything to him.

That was all until the day that Lin Wanwan exposed that he had someone on his mind.

Even after that incident, Lu Zhanbei had never discussed such issues with Gu Mo. Did hell freeze over?

Gu Mo scratched his head as he said softly, “I don’t think so if you truly love her, there wouldn’t be a second person who’d come across your mind. Even if there were, it might not be love.”

He paused for a bit and continued with an uncertain voice, “That’s just how it works for me.”

Lu Zhanbei had never doubted his love for Lin Xiao.

However, Lin Wanwan was the second woman with whom he couldn’t control his urge to get close to.

Perhaps his love for Lin Wanwan was more primitive?

“Lin Wanwan was right,” Lu Zhanbei said out of nowhere.

Gu Mo was confused. “What did she say?”

Lu Zhanbei returned to the backseat. “I am indeed a pervert.”

Gu Mo went speechless.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan went to school with a pair of turgid eyes. Her face was so dark that no one dared to approach her.

A few students wanted to befriend her, but it was to no avail.

During the break, Ms. Yu talked to her about the performance before asking her to grab a meal.

Lin Wanwan had no appetite at all. She lazed on the desk and played dead.

The classroom was only left with her and Fu Zhinian.

Fu Zhinian woke up from a whole day of sleep and glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was staring blankly at the ceiling.

Noticing his attention, Lin Wanwan mumbled, “What?”

Fu Zhinian ignored her and stood up. At that moment, a familiar figure appeared at the door.

“Hi, Ms. Lin.”

Lin Wanwan tilted her head to find Gu Mo staring at her. “Those surnamed Lu are not allowed here!”

“ My surname is Gu.”

“Anyone related to Lu Zhanbei is not allowed!”

Gu Mo shuffled to her despite receiving her cold treatment. He gently left a bag of desserts on her desk.

“Please accept the present.”

This trick again! Does he not have anything new up his sleeves?

However, Lin Wanwan herself knew better than anyone that this trick would always work on her.