Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 169

Chapter 169 You Are Not A Fool

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"The food can stay. You have to leave!"

"And this."

Speaking, Gu Mo took out a delicate box.

Just then, he saw Fu Zhinian who was sitting beside her, and his expression changed abruptly.

Before he could say anything, Fu Zhinians cold stare cut him off.

He was only a teenager, yet his charisma was as sharp as the kings blade.

Gu Mo went back to normal in an instant. "This is a gift from Mr. Lu."

Lin Wanwan didnt take it. She glanced at him as if to say he should get out of here.


Gu Mo was a little embarrassed. He opened the box and said in an exaggerating voice, "This gift was picked personally by Mr. Lu. He took a few hours before deciding on this one. I have never seen him put so much effort into a gift, and I was wondering which lady had such an honor. Little did I know it was our beautiful and intelligent Ms. Lin now, it all makes sense!"

Lu Zhanbei had told him that he had to get Lin Wanwan to accept the gift even if it meant him begging her on his knees.

Tsk. Lin Wanwan kept her eyes on him.

Gu Mo stared back with his puppy eyes.

"Fine. Ill take it if you stop looking at me like that."

Lin Wanwan received the box. Gu Mo looked like he just got rid of a huge burden.

Did Lu Zhanbei send me a bomb to murder me?

Opening the box, she was almost blinded by whats inside!

It wasnt a bomb, nor food to help with her growth, but a pearl bracelet.

Every pearl was equal in size, pinkish and shiny. They were blinding under the sun.

Bracelet again is it in trend now?

"I cant afford to take a gift like this."

She didnt mind eating desserts, but gifts this expensive were a bit too much for her.

Realizing that Lin Wanwan wanted to return the gift, Gu Mo ran on all fours.

"Come back! Take this back! I already have a bracelet!"

She didnt even get the chance to return the one that Tang Chen had given her, how could she take another one?

Gu Mo was already outside the door when he recalled Lu Zhanbei asking him to remind her of something.

Lin Wanwans current bracelet is ugly, this is just the right present for her.

"Throw yours away, Mr. Lu is more suitable for you!"

He rushed off after dropping the final comment.


Lu Zhanbei is more suitable for her? What the hell was he saying!

Lin Wanwan looked at the diamond bracelet she was wearing, then studied the pearl bracelet shed just received and decided to not wear any bracelet for good.

"Whats your name?" Fu Zhinian asked all of a sudden.

Lin Wanwan laughed.

Theyd been neighbors for months, and he even won a thousand dollars thanks to her, but he didnt even know her name?


"Lin Wanwan, wan stands for the bay."

Fu Zhinian stood still. His slender figure made her feel a pressing charisma. Although he looked relaxed, his exalted aura couldnt be contained.

He stared at Lin Wanwan silently and spoke, "You are not a fool."

Lin Wanwans head jerked as she stared into his eyes to see nothing but cold ruthlessness.

Due to the first impression she gave to everyone, she had always been labeled as a "fool."

After Lin Wanwan forged the story about her recovery, she had been carefully turning herself into a normal person. However, no one really noticed any difference as everyone was used to her old self.

She couldnt believe that someone like Fu Zhinian would see through her cover.