Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 17

Chapter 17 The Candid Boss

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He, An Qiao, had successfully groomed so many famous actors and actresses, stars and starlets. To think he had handpicked a fool this time around!

Since he had already reached this step, even if he regretted his decision now, he could only brace himself for the worst.

Reaching the lounge, he knocked a few times.

“Come in.”

Lin Wanwan’s eyebrows converged at the lazy voice that traveled from within the room.

It was Tang Chen.

An Qiao pushed the door open and dragged Lin Wanwan in. “Boss, look at her. This is who I have selected for the role.”

“Lin’s second daughter?”

Tang Chen, who was seated at the burgundy sofa, cozily placed both legs on the table. As he held his chin with one hand, his other hand was wrapped around a voluptuous woman. He playfully eyed Lin Wanwan, who looked timid.

Suddenly, he laughed. “An Qiao, I believe in your judgment. However, do you really think that a giant baby whose IQ remains that of a six-year-old will be able to play the role of such a deep character well?”

An Qiao felt sorrowful but forced a smile and said, “Let’s try.”

“Ok.” Tang Chen patted the waist of the voluptuous woman and said, “Bring out what you have learned as a top student in the Imperial Capital Film Academy. If you lose to her, don’t blame me if I give you the cold shoulder in future.”

His smile was carefree yet evil. His eyes shone with a cold glow.

The woman jerked her body and confidently lifted her chin. “I will not lose.”

If she could not even defeat a fool, she, Bai Yao, could be said to have wasted her years in acting.

Tang Chen looked at Lin Wanwan, who seemed to be in a daze. Without any clear meaning, he squinted his eyes and said, “Whoever acts better will get the role. Who will go first?”

Bai Yao shouted, “Me!”

An Qiao handed the scripts over to them separately. He lowered his voice and said to Lin Wanwan, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect someone else to be here. This second female lead is a village farmer’s daughter whose temperament is good and whose character is pure. That’s why I picked you at first sight.”

Too bad he had picked someone who was lacking.

An Qiao worriedly explained the storyline to her and specially arranged for her to have the simplest lines, for fear that she would not understand the words.

He looked up inadvertently and saw Lin Wanwan in a daze. She looked like her mind was not into this. He immediately lowered his shoulders in defeat.

“Forget it. It’s up to you then.”

Lin Wanwan did not say anything but continued to look at the script.

The reason why she was in a daze was because she had made a minor discovery.

This body seemed to be gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory.

“I’m ready.” Bai Yao put down the script, faced both Tang Chen and An Qiao, and started to act.

“General, with this farewell, I wish you all the best”

Both her eyes were filled with tears and she was full of expression, which would make people take pity on her.

However, after the first line was read, An Qiao already could not control his black face.

Tang Chen was more direct with his emotions. His foot kicked the small coffee table in front of him.

“What kind of lousy acting is this? Such pretentious expressions, and the way you said your lines were so stiff. If I was that general, I would have stabbed you with my sword! You call yourself a student of the Film Academy? Go home!”

Lin Wanwan’s lips twitched. His words showed no mercy at all.

That hit the spot for Bai Yao, and tears started streaming down. It was real crying this time, not fake.

She dared not refute Tang Chen. She could only glare fiercely at Lin Wanwan and stand aside.

She did not believe that this dreaded fool would be a better actress than she was. Regardless of what happened, this role would not run away from her!

“Lin’s second daughter.”

Tang Chen regained his casual look in a flash. This completely explained how changing one’s face could be faster than turning a book.

“I am in a terrible mood now. I hope you will act much better than her. If not, you will get it from me.”