Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Acting

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"You are right. Im not a fool." Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes playfully. "So are you planning to tell on me?"

She didnt feel like Fu Zhinian was someone who would mind others business.

"No." Fu Zhinian shook his head just as Lin Wanwan expected.

Lin Wanwans bright smile shone like blinding sunshine. His eyes squinted. "Dont smile, its ugly."

He left before Lin Wanwan could respond, leaving her to watch his intractable figure.


Did this bogie just say that shes ugly?!

Lu Zhanbei approved the beauty of her smile! This kid must have terrible taste!

Despite being humiliated by Lin Wanwan, Bai Yourans attitude didnt change at all. The studio had always been in a tizzy because of her. To Lin Wanwan, she went out of her way to mock whenever she had the chance.

Luckily for her, Lin Wanwan simply laughed it off most of the time.

If Luo Han was around, Bai Youran would turn into a modest and innocent girl who respected even the cleaners on site.

Lin Wanwan was amazed by the power of "love."

On Saturday, Luo Han arrived at the studio. Bai Youran sprang up from the chair and told her manager, who was fanning her, to leave. The smile on her face could melt a glacier.

If seen by someone who didnt know her, he or she would have thought that she was a modest woman.

"Luo Han!"

She welcomed him timidly. When they were just meters apart, Luo Han sneezed and stepped back.

Bai Yourans smile froze.

"Sorry, I might be allergic to you."


Lin Wanwan almost burst out laughing. She glanced at Bai Youran and quickly kept her face straight. She didnt want to get in trouble again.

After working with Luo Han for a long time, she knew that he was allergic to certain perfumes.

Bai Youran dropped her cover and stomped her feet in anger.

"Luo Han, how can you do this to me"

Luo Han covered his nose and ran away without sparing her a glance.

It wasnt only Lin Wanwan, everyone was trying their best to control their laughter.

With the presence of Bai Youran, there will always be a great show in the studio.

It was the day for Lin Wanwan to shoot with Luo Han.

Luo Han didnt have many scenes in the drama. His role was named Mo Junyan, who was Ming Meis assistant cum bodyguard. His character was a quiet man who loved Ming Mei one-sidedly.

Lin Wanwan thought that even God was helping her! Many couples were formed thanks to filming, so she was confident to get Luo Hans heart!

"Action!" The director started filming, and Lin Wanwan quickly got into character.

I cant let Luo Han look down on my skills!

In the dim room, Ming Mei shivered in the corner.

The door squeaked open.

Mo Junyan, in a tight suit, came into the scene. His face was not in the cut, yet his body was stunning enough to draw waves of gasps.

Bai Youran blushed as she watched him strolling to Lin Wanwan and wrapping his arms around her.

"Get lost!"

Ming Mei pushed him away with all her strength, and her blood-shot eyes reflected the mans flustered face.

Her voice was sharp and ferocious, saying, "Mo Junyan, I dont need someone like you to pity me. I know whats on your mind! Even if He Bai doesnt want me, Ill never consider you! Remember, you are nothing but a dog that I picked up from the streets!"

Her role was the antagonist. Thus, her lines were somewhat abrasive.