Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 171

Chapter 171 A Cuckold Again And Again

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However, the staff personnel who saw this scene could not hate her, even if 90 percent of the people here were Luo Hans die-hard fans.

Everyone could tell that Ming Mei was mentally unstable.

She had a twisted expression on her face and looked absent-minded. A sense of pain and helplessness radiated from her, like a drowning person struggling in vain.

" Why why is it that he doesnt want me? Am I really that terrible"

"Youre great!"

Mo Junyan interrupted her. His originally indifferent tone was now a little angrier, as he was angry at her for doubting herself because of a man who did not cherish her.

"Youre the best woman. In my eyes, nobodys comparable to you."

Ming Mei lifted her face that was covered in tears. Her expression was no longer ferocious but weak now, like a lost child.

"Then why doesnt he love me?"

"Its ok."

Mo Junyan took her in his embrace so that her whole face was buried in his chest.

Feeling the cold liquid seeping through the fabric of his clothes, his body shivered. His eyes became gentler, and with every word he said, it was like he was making the most solemn promise.

"Dont worry. Ill let He Bai love only you."

Whenever He Bai likes one, he will kill one.

He would eventually make He Bai love only Ming Mei.

The filming should have ended here for this part.

However, Yu Xi did not shout, "Cut. Lin Wanwan could only continue to be hugged with "difficulty" by Luo Han.

She did not get the chance to take in more of his nice smell from his body; two persistently urging voices had sounded at the same time.

"Lin Wanwan, let go of my Luo Han!"

"Lin Wanwan, take back your claws!"

"" Why was everyone scolding her?

Lin Wanwan gave a blank look. She did not have the chance to look at the situation because two figures had already rushed over. One of them pulled Luo Han away, and the other held Lin Wanwan as if holding on to a brat, bringing her to the side.

A sinister male voice sounded in her ears, "Youre gutsy now eh. You dare to hug other men in front of me?"

Lin Wanwan thudded twice in midair but failed to struggle successfully. She gave a side glance to the man, who half-laughed.

"Tang Chen, what are you doing? This is very embarrassing!"

"I have been made a cuckold again and again. Isnt that more embarrassing?"

This man was talking to himself again. "Let me down!"

Tang Chen snorted coldly and pulled back his hand.

Bai Youran on the other side had already tugged at Luo Hans sleeve and asked, "Did Lin Wanwan take advantage of you?"

"" Lin Wanwan was speechless again.

Tang Chen looked at her and scoffed lightly, "Female hooligan!"

Lin Wanwan resisted the urge to scold back in public.

At this moment, Director Yu Xi finally recovered himself. He looked at Tang Chen, trying to get into his good books, then explained, "Luo Han, Wanwan. Im sorry. Your acting was superb just now and I didnt snap back to reality in time."

It was not only him. Everyone else was the same too.

There was nothing to say about Luo Hans skills. In order not to be overshadowed, even if Lin Wanwan did not put in her all, she had showcased 40 to 50 percent of her skills.

This was considered a collision of skills one level above would be too strong, and one level below would be too weak.

Luo Hans skills were recognized by various major awards. Everyone was not surprised at his superb performance.

But Lin Wanwan

For Lin Wanwan not to pale in comparison to Luo Han, though, that was shocking.

Lin Wanwan scratched her head in embarrassment. "I dont know why too, but theres a special feeling when Im acting with Luo Han. It seems a little better than usual."

After that, she sighed with regret. "I dont know if the next time will be like this as well."