Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 172

Chapter 172 I'll Hit Whichever Slut That Comes My Way

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What this translated to was very simple:The reason why I acted so well this time was only because Luo Han had brought me into the character. You guys need not be too shocked. There shouldn’t be a next time.

Upon hearing this, everyone was enlightened.

Everyone understood that if a good actor was willing to bring you into the character, even a newbie would have the chance to showcase excellent acting skills.

With such a mindset, they were relieved.

Luo Han glanced at Lin Wanwan. This look was without any clear meaning.

Only he himself knew that he didn’t deliberately bring Lin Wanwan into the character.

That was to say, her acting skills were that good to begin with. He even suspected that she had not showcased her skills fully.

Luo Han thought of how he had deliberately held back some of his skills in order to take care of her and started to laugh at himself in his heart.

He didn’t expect a seventeen-year-old girl to be so outstanding.

Even a seventeen-year-old Lin Xiao could not compare to her.

“Luo Han, why are you ignoring me?!”

Bai Youran’s voice pulled back Luo Han’s thoughts. He still did not look at her and left quickly with his long legs.

Bai Youran was not willing to take this lying down and bit her tooth.

Just then, someone joked, “Sister Wanwan, does that mean if you continue to act with Luo Han, you will always be in such good condition?”


A lot of people laughed. Lin Wanwan did not have the chance to reply because Bai Youran’s angry eyes swept across her and she yelled, “What is Lin Wanwan? A fool and a pitiful worm! It’s already a blessing she had cultivated in her previous life that she could act in this television drama with Luo Han. She still wants to continue acting with Luo Han? Is she a good match?”

Tang Chen had been looking at Lin Wanwan putting on a pretense all this while. Upon hearing this, his face immediately turned cold. Although he didn’t speak, he gave her a slap directly.


This sound resounded throughout the space.

This slap not only shocked Bai Youran but also everyone else.

This was the missy from Xing Chen Entertainment. Young Tang just hit her like that?

Thinking of Tang Chen’s identity, they were relieved and even felt good, though it was evil of them to feel this way.

“Tang Chen, you”

Lin Wanwan also didn’t expect this lunatic to do things without thinking of consequences.

Bai Youran snapped back to reality then. Her skin was delicate. The force of this slap was so strong that her cheeks immediately showed a reddish print.

She was so angry that her facial features gradually became distorted. “You dare to hit me! You actually dare to hit me for a fool. Are you not afraid of offending the Bai family?”

Tang Chen’s lips curved into a sneer.

He didn’t say anything but just placed a hand in his trousers pocket.

He didn’t manage to feel a handkerchief and, thus, used the hand which he had used to slap Bai Youran to rub it hard against Lin Wanwan’s body.

When Lin Wanwan glared at him, he smiled and said, “It’s dirty. Help me wipe it clean. I’ll bring you to buy new clothes later.”

Lin Wanwan was so mentally tired that she wanted to faint. She lowered her disheartened face.

Tang Chen was not soft-hearted at all when criticizing her.

This scene stung the eyes of Bai Youran.

“Tang Chen!”


Tang Chen placed a finger on his lips and his peach-shaped eyes squinted. “Bai Youran, don’t think too highly of yourself. If you want to complain against me, sure. Get the Bai family to come at me. At the same time, tell your stupid parents that if a slut comes, I’ll hit one. If two sluts come, I’ll hit both. I mean what I say!”

He raised his eyebrows and looked especially arrogant. “Don’t waste time with a fool. Let’s go.”

After saying this, he put a hand around Lin Wanwan’s waist and led her out.