Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Glad To Be A Beast

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Tang Chen continued, “This ‘young’ isn’t a good term. It refers to those young men who rely on their powerful family backgrounds to act against law and reason. Once the family experiences a downfall, they become a bunch of good-for-nothings.”

He used to be one of those good-for-nothings too, but later, he created Sheng Rui all by himself.

“‘Young’ Tang, you seem to be scolding yourself.” Lin Wanwan gloated.

Tang Chen pulled her arm fiercely and embraced her in his arms. He lowered his head and prepared to kiss her.

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She squeezed out every ounce of strength left in her and pushed him away!

“You said so yourself. A man and a woman together in a room is already considered moral degeneration. Do you still want to be a human?”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed evilly. “I’m very happy to be a beast once.”

Lin Wanwan clenched her fists helplessly. “I’m in the wrong, alright? Continue your words.”

“That Bai Juan is also a fool, but he’s ruthless and can do anything. If he finds you, be careful.”

For Tang Chen to ask her to be careful, that Bai Juan must be a sly character.


As Lin Wanwan nodded, she did not forget to glare at him. “You have caused me all this trouble! Count it yourself, how many times have you created trouble for me? You did it deliberately, eh?”



He actually shamelessly nodded!

Lin Wanwan showed a black face while Tang Chen leisurely flicked away the cigarette ash and used that pair of charming peach-shaped eyes to throw her a wink.

“There are no ups and downs in your life everyday. How can I be the hero to save the damsel in distress? If I don’t help you more often, how else will you be touched and want to devote your life to me?”

After saying this, he sighed and looked troubled by love.

“I didn’t do this of my own free will. If you want to attribute blame, blame it on how you’re too beautiful, charming me to this extent.”

Was this still her fault?

Lin Wanwan felt it was both funny and angering. In the future, she definitely should not compare rogue with rogues!

Both of them exited the room. Tang Chen the investor had stayed long enough.

Before leaving, he said warningly, “Lin Wanwan, stay away from that gigolo. If I see you exchanging glances of love with him again, I’ll definitely break your leg!”


Lin Wanwan nearly hurled vulgarities. She only wanted to fall in love simply. Why was it that trouble always found her?

“There are a lot of people who want to control me. Who are you to”

Lin Wanwan mumbled, not daring to let Tang Chen hear them.

After this day, Lin Wanwan’s days in the production team were bad.

Tang Chen was right. Bai Youran hated her now.

If her dissatisfaction with Lin Wanwan was considered small scale in the past, it had definitely become large scale today. She was on sarcastic mode everyday and never stopped once. There were even a couple of times when she wanted to slap Lin Wanwan directly.

Fortunately, Yu Xi felt that something was amiss and helped her to block the slaps a couple of times. In addition to Lin Wanwan not being a real fool, she would naturally not have been really slapped.

Since she couldn’t do it the right way, she started to do it the wrong way.

There was once when Bai Youran directly poured laxatives into her boxed lunch.

If she had not brought Ruan Baoer over with her then, Ruan Baoer would not have coincidentally seen it, and she might have really made a fool out of herself if she’d eaten it.

“Lin Wanwan, come over here for a while.”

Hearing Yu Xi call her, Lin Wanwan immediately rushed over.

“There’s a drunk scene later. Can you drink?”

Lin Wanwan immediately shook her head. “Director, I’m still a student!”

Yu Xi smiled in embarrassment. He also knew that he was forcing it on her a little.

However, in order to have good filming results, he still wanted to try and fight for it.