Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Look How Ill Deal With You

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"Dont worry, I wont let you drink too much. Youll just drink until your face is a little flushed red and your eyes look slightly confused, such that it would look more realistic. If not, regardless how good your acting may be, there would still be a certain feel thatll be missing."

Lin Wanwan understood that and hesitated for a while. She was about to agree.

At this moment, her mobile rang. "Ill pick up the call first!"


Lin Wanwan picked up the call in a secluded area. "I havent contacted you for a long time. Have you been well?"

Her tone was natural with a hint of a smile, as if greeting an old friend and as if in harmony with Lu Zhanbei like before. One couldnt tell that the two of them had actually not contacted each other for a while.

Lu Zhabei was silent for a moment. Then he suddenly asked, "Youre still angry?"

Lin Wanwan really laughed this time round. "Am I such a vengeful person to you? Havent you already gotten Gu Mo to send over a gift as an apology? I have long forgiven you."

Lu Zhanbei did not really know what to say. There was a strange distant feeling that was produced quietly.

"You have you been well?"

Although he didnt deliberately inquire about her, with Gu Mo the gossiper around, he knew that she had run into a little trouble recently.

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows and said lightly, "Ok, my bodys in tip-top condition. Im not breathless even when climbing up eight storeys at once. Even if I go at it six times at night hahaha, pretend that I didnt say anything!"

Oh my, she nearly revealed her original self.

In this lifetime, she had pledged to be an innocent and demure young lady.

Without knowing why, Lu Zhanbeis mind formed images of her annoyed look. He actually had the urge to want to see her personally.

"Tonight, you"

"Lin Wanwan!" Suddenly, Yu Xi shouted for her.

As Lin Wanwan reacted to him, she lowered her voice and said to Lu Zhanbei, "Ill hang up on you first. Hes coming to me soon. Im about to film a drinking scene, but dont worry, Ill just drink a"

"No!" Without waiting for her to finish, Lu Zhanbei had already coldly interrupted her, and in his tone was an underlying meaning that he would not accept rejection.

"Not even a little?"

Lu Zhanbei remembered that he had asked Gu Mo to speak to her about it. Knowing that shes doing it on purpose, he suddenly frowned. "You better not have the mindset that youll be lucky every time. If you turn a deaf ear to my words again, look how Ill deal with you!"


Lin Wanwan wanted to rebut but Yu Xi continuously shouted for her again. She dared not delay any longer. "Ok, ok, ok. Ill listen to you. Im not going to talk to you anymore. Im going to film!"

Lu Zhanbei listened to the static noise from the receiver and the folds between his eyebrows gradually became deeper.

He had originally wanted to ask her out for dinner tonight

As Lu Zhanbei had given his orders, Lin Wanwan did not dare to refuse. She could only find a reasonable reason and reject Yu Xi.

Although Yu Xi was feeling regretful, he expressed understanding.

How could Bai Youran, who was sitting by the side doing some makeup touches, let go of this opportunity to ridicule her? She laughed coldly and said, "Acting as a career but not willing to drink a little alcohol at all? Is she qualified to be an actor? No professional ethics at all. Might as well leave the entertainment circle and not stay here and harm others!"

The surroundings became dead silent Such ridicules were commonplace recently.

Ruan Baoer wanted to jump out from the side and defend her, but she was stopped by a look from Lin Wanwan.

This time, Lin Wanwan decided not to tolerate it any longer.

A wise man submits to circumstances. She understood this reasoning and, thus, had always kept a low profile.

However, Bai Youran had provoked her numerous times. Even if she were a tortoise, there was a limit to her tolerance level.

Lin Wanwan blinked and looked confused. She said, "Professional ethics means following the directors arrangement unconditionally? If so, why didnt you film the kissing scene with Duan Shaoyang then? That was also what the director wanted. If the director asks me to play a kissing scene with Luo Han, I will definitely not reject it."