Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 176

Chapter 176 A Murderous Look

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This fool not only accused her but also wanted to film a kissing scene with Luo Han? Dream on!

“Who do you think you are? Is Luo Han someone a slut like you can get close to? Get those filthy thoughts out of your mind quick! If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Bai Youran rushed in front of Lin Wanwan in powerful strides. She was still taking Tang Chen’s slap to heart and had been thinking of ways to get it back from Lin Wanwan.

Yu Xi saw that the situation was not right and immediately came over to smooth things over.


It was unexpected that Lin Wanwan cried at once. She took out the handkerchief she carried along with her and flicked her finger. The corner of the handkerchief landed on Bai Youran’s face. The weepings and sobbings sounded.

“Why do you have to scold me like that? You and Missus are the same. All of you are bad people who always bully me boohoo”

As she cried, she seemed to be exasperated. The finger that was pointing at Bai Youran shook from time to time, and the corner of the handkerchief would hit Bai Youran’s face heavily until her cheeks stung.

Bai Youran’s temper flared instantly!

“I’m scolding you, you bitch!” She rushed towards Lin Wanwan.

It was too late for Yu Xi and the rest to stop her.

Just as Bai Youran was about to pounce on Lin Wanwan, Lin Wanwan squatted down.

Bai Youran made an empty pounce. A glass bead seemed to have popped out from nowhere under her foot. As she stepped on it, a panicked scream was heard and she landed face-down on the ground.


A heavy muffled sound rang. Even the onlookers felt pain for Bai Youran.

“Missy!” A few assistants panicked and went over to help her.

Lin Wanwan buried her face in her knees. Her shoulders shook, and she cried while looking extremely upset.

Yu Xi looked at her, then at the dejected Bai Youran, and silently groaned.

Oh no, how to wind this matter up

“Missy, are you ok?” an assistant asked carefully, but Bai Youran immediately delivered a slap to her!

She had bruises on her face and said in a sorry state, “You trash! It’s better to raise a pig than you guys! Where were all of you when I fell just now? All of you didn’t have this foresight. Get lost!”

A few people felt indignant but dared not voice it out.

Bai Youran wanted to teach Lin Wanwan a lesson. How would they have the courage to get involved?

“Lin Wanwan! Not only did you hit me but you also caused me to fall down!”

Bai Youran slapped away two assistants’ hands and rushed forward again with a murderous look.

Lin Wanwan, who had already stood up, took a few steps back weakly. She let Yu Xi stand in front of her, who then swallowed insults and humiliation silently and said, “We have all seen what happened just now. Wanwan did not hit you at all. You were the one who accidentally fell. Be magnanimous and let this matter go.”

Bai Youran screamed with her sharp voice, “She didn’t hit me? All of you must be blind!”

If it wasn’t Lin Wanwan who’d slapped her face with her handkerchief until it hurt, she wouldn’t have been so irritated and angered that she lost control!

Looking at her angry eyes, everyone bowed their heads down. Even though they didn’t dare say anything, their thoughts were the same as Yu Xi’s.

They saw clearly that Lin Wanwan was very insulted by Bai Youran, but she only pointed at her while crying. Although she’d accidentally flicked her handkerchief at her, how painful could that be?

She went around looking for trouble, and now that she reaped what she sowed, she actually had the cheek to fight back?

Lin Wanwan whimpered. It looked like she was wiping her tears, but she was actually using the handkerchief to cover her curled lips.

Actually, it was pretty painful. After all, she had used quite a bit of her skills.