Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 177

Chapter 177 I Really Want To Devote My Life To You

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Although Bai Youran wasnt smart, when she swept her eyes across everyones expression, she could at least tell that they were ridiculing her in their hearts. She became furious!

"Yu Xi, dont forget that you belong to Xing Chen! If you continue to be a traitor and help outsiders, Ill get my father to kick you out of the company!"

Yu Xi clenched his fists and held back the disgust in his heart. " I dont dare."

Only then was Bai Youran slightly appeased. She looked at Lin Wanwan like she could eat her alive.

"As long as you apologize, Ill let this matter go. Otherwise" She snorted coldly.

Lin Wanwan sniffed through her nose and looked at the exasperated looks on everyones faces.

"Ok." After making a scene, she wouldnt be at the losing end even if she apologized. If she didnt stop this now, she would implicate others soon.

"Wanwan, you" Everyone didnt expect that Lin Wanwan would agree, and they couldnt help but look at her.

Lin Wanwan smiled forcibly. People were sympathetic towards her look of holding back her suppressed grievances, and their hatred and disgust for Bai Youran increased another level!

The way she compromised for the sake of overall interests exemplified Bai Yourans hateful countenance.

She was about to apologize when Luo Hans voice sounded, "What are all of you doing?"

The entire scene was quiet. Seeing Luo Han walk over, someone wanted to say something but didnt dare to after Bai Youran swept them with a threatening look.

"Luo Han, youre here!"

Bai Youran immediately changed her facial expression and delicately and gracefully walked over to Luo Han. A pity that her face was still red and swollen. Not only was her smile not beautiful, it also even looked embarrassing.

Luo Han ignored her, his gaze sweeping across the silent crowd who dared not speak up. As if inadvertently, his gaze landed on Lin Wanwans weak-looking face for a second.

"Director Yu."

At last, he looked at Yu Xi.

"Youre an employee of Xing Chen, not anyones slave. If filming a movie transforms you into a good-for-nothing, then I dont see a need to continue filming."

Bai Yourans expression changed. "Luo Han, what do you mean by this!"

Yu Xi took a deep breath and told him the ins and outs of the matter. He summarized the truth simply and told the facts without stating his opinion.

"Shut up!" Bai Youran was exasperated. She looked at Luo Han and tried to explain, "Listen to me"

Finally, Luo Han glanced at her and shifted his glance away quickly. "Apologize."


"Apologize to Lin Wanwan." His tone was calm, but it bore an underlying aura that there was nothing more to be said.

Bai Youran widened her eyes in disbelief. Her screams were accompanied by cries.

"On what basis? Luo Han, even you are helping Lin Wanwan! I have liked you for so many years, were you not touched at all? What is good about Lin Wanwan such that shes worthy of all of you protecting her? She was obviously the cheap one who wants to seduce you and deliberately embarrass me. Now youre getting me to apologize to her?!"

Luo Han couldnt be bothered talking so much crap to her. "Youre not willing to?"

"Shes not deserving!"

Luo Han kept his gaze. He looked at Yu Xi and asked plainly, "Director Yu, I dont know whether or not you are willing to change bosses. Ill pay for the breach of contract."

As these words fell, everyone was shocked!

Not only was Bai Youran stunned, everyone also couldnt help but look at Luo Han with admiration after looking at one another with strange expressions.

Lin Wanwan looked like a fangirl. He was indeed her future boyfriend!

He was so protective of her. What does she do, now she really wanted to devote her life to him!

Bai Youran recovered herself and screamed. She asked with a shrill cry, "Are you really prepared to be so ruthless?"

Luo Han didnt reply. His profile was stunningly cold as he waited quietly for Yu Xis answer.