Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 178

Chapter 178 The Worrying Stops When There Are Too Many Debts

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After struggling for a while, Yu Xi was about to agree when Bai Youran suddenly turned her head. Her cold eyes made him instinctively shut up.

" Ill apologize!" Bai Yourans eyes were red, as if she had squeezed out these words from the gaps between her teeth.

She hurried to stand in front of Lin Wanwan and stared at the uneasy look on her face. She sneered twice and said, "Lin Wanwan, sorry!"

After apologizing, she said word by word, "Luo Han, are you satisfied now?"

Luo Han only glanced at her once. He didnt say anything and immediately left.

Looking at his resolute back, Bai Yourans tears finally could not help but fall.

Looking at her crying silently, Lin Wanwan had mixed feelings.

Based on her character, she would generally not be calculative towards such a child. She could even tolerate Liu Zilin, and there was no reason why she could not tolerate an arrogant missy.

She did not know why, but after the call with Lu Zhanbei, she felt inexplicably irritated, and Bai Youran bore the brunt of it just then.

Lin Wanwan adjusted her facial expression and handed over the handkerchief in her hands.

"Get lost!" Bai Youran slapped away her hand and looked at her with hatred. "Youre not qualified to pity me. Wait and see, Ill not let this matter rest!"

If she did not avenge this, she would not be called Bai Youran. She would definitely make Lin Wanwan pay the price!

After saying this, she left without looking back.

Ruan Baoer glanced at the palm print on Lin Wanwans hand and said in a low voice, "Its right to have sympathy, but you should also know who you should be sympathetic to. I thought you were quite smart for pretending to be a fool and setting Bai Youran up. Why is it that in the blink of an eye, youre so stupid that youd sympathize with the enemy who wants to harm you?"

Lin Wanwan did not want to explain further and acted as if she had experienced many vicissitudes of life. "Perhaps Im old and I like the feeling of being a saint."

"" Ruan Baoer was speechless for a while.

After this episode, Yu Xi was not in the mood to continue filming. He asked everyone to keep this matter a secret, then waved his hand and got everyone to take a break.

After several important characters left one after another, the production team didnt quieten down.

"As long as Bai Youran is around, we will not have a day of peace. If we can really change bosses, Ill wake up smiling from my dreams!"

"Who says its a no? A pity Bai Youran agreed to apologize. If not, it might have really come true. Luo Han never goes back on his words, and he seems to come from a deep background too"

"This seems to be the second time that Luo Han has come forward and helped Lin Wanwan out. Is he interested in her?"

"No way, Lin Wanwan already has young Tang!"

"Is this girl trying to win the hearts of all my male gods?"

As Lin Wanwan had returned to the lounge, she did not hear these discussions. Ruan Baoer, however, was like the rest of the crowd and thought that Luo Han might like her.

This speculation made Lin Wanwan almost laugh out loud. "Although I hope that what you have guessed is true, Im sorry to tell you that Luo Han is not the kind of man who will be captivated by beauty. Its still early for him to like me."

"Then why did he help you that much?"

"Maybe he disagreed with what he saw and just lent a helping hand?"

"Oh please!"

Actually, Lin Wanwan was a little puzzled too. Although Luo Han was not a bad character, he was not exactly a good person either.

In this lifetime, they did not share a deep relationship. It was normal for him to say a few words in fairness. However, to go to the extent of offending Bai Youran for her was totally not his style.

Bai Youran probably hated her to death now.

Oh well, forget it.The worrying stops when there are too many debts. She would look carefully before taking each step.

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"Girl, just wait for your shot to fame!"