Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Poisonous Words From A Slut

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An Qiaos words echoed in her ears, and Lin Wanwan smiled.

As she entered the classroom, the students immediately swarmed towards her and surrounded her. "Wanwan, its nice that we dont have any lessons this Friday. Everyone will go and support you then!"

"Is it a happy or sad ending? Reveal the spoiler a little?"

"Ive already reserved the movie tickets. I look forward to your performance then!"

A bunch of people talked nonstop, and Lin Wanwan responded in a good-tempered manner.

"Lin Wanwan!" Liu Zilin walked over arrogantly. "Ive already gotten my father to book ten cinemas for your movie. If you dont perform well, Ill definitely not be your fan anymore!"

Lin Wanwan still replied with the same sentence, "Ill definitely not disappoint my fans."

Liu Zilin wanted to add in a few sarcastic words, but she could only tolerate as she remembered that she herself was still one of her "fans."

She snorted. "I hope so!"

Friday came as promised. Lin Wanwan looked at the ticket in her hands, thought for a while, and called her manager who had washed his hands off her. She asked if he wanted to watch the movie together.

Si Han rejected her without the slightest hesitation. There was still a pool party waiting for him to attend that night.

"Si Han, do you still remember that you are my manager?"

"I do. Have you run into any trouble?"

"No, but"

"Then, goodbye."

What the?

Lin Wanwan noticed that he really had the intention to hang up the call and immediately changed her words, "Actually, I have run into a little trouble recently. You"

Si Han interrupted her heartlessly once again, "Since its only a little trouble, settle it yourself. If you cant, it means youre not capable and suitable to survive in the entertainment circle. Better leave early then, and go home to raise pigs and vegetables. At the very least, you wont starve to death."

"" Such poisonous words from a slut. Was he bewitched or had someone performed black magic on him? Why was he so bad-tempered!

"Is anything else the matter? Im very busy."

Heh heh!

Lin Wanwan squeezed out a smile. "Nothing else, Si Dada. Youre very kind-hearted and always think about me. As a manager, youre really competent. Im very satisfied. So the next two days, Ill personally bring Baoer along to see you. You dont have to be too touched. Goodbye!"

She especially emphasized Ruan Baoers name.

Si Hans psychological shadow immediately appeared. His expression changed, and he wanted to say something, but it was already too late.

Du du du

Listening to the static noise from the receiver, Si Han pinched his eyebrows. Suddenly, his pupils shrank!

What did Lin Wanwan call him just now?

Si Dada?

Only Lin Xiao used to address him this way before. Was it a coincidence?

Lin Wanwan didnt realize that, in a fit of exasperation, she had accidentally called out the nickname she used for Si Han previously.

She was prepared to bring Ruan Baoer to the movie when she received Lu Zhanbeis call.

"What are you doing?" The man went straight to the point, as usual.

"Im preparing to go watch a movie."

"With who?"

"My assistant."

Lu Zhanbei reacted with an oh but did not continue his words.

Lin Wanwan patiently waited for a while. When she did not hear him continue, she said helplessly, "Times running out now. If there isnt anything, Ill hang up the call first. Chat again another time. Bye~"

Lu Zhanbei looked at the screen, which had now turned black, and felt a little headache. He himself didnt know why he had made this call.

Gu Mo, who was sitting by the side playing with his mobile, suddenly looked up and said, "Sir, Im starting to believe now that Tang Chen really likes Ms. Lin."

Feeling Lu Zhanbeis cold stare sweeping across him, he became smart and explained how Tang Chen had delivered a slap to Bai Youran.

"Im only noticing all these as Im thinking for Ms. Lin. After all, you ordered before that nothing should happen to her."

"" Lu Zhanbei turned his head away in silence.