Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 18

Chapter 18 I.. Really Want To Kiss You

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Staring at his cold gaze, Lin Wanwan’s heart skipped a beat.

This lunatic!

“You may begin.”

Lin Wanwan walked to the spot Bai Yao previously stood at and took a deep breath.

Her temperament changed completely in a flash.


Lifting her head with a delicate and beautiful smile, Lin Wanwan’s eyes were misty. Her voice carried a whimper and was trembling slightly, but the smile on her face never disappeared.

That clear gaze was filled with tenderness, but it could not hide the faint reluctance of letting him go.

“With this farewell I wish you all the best.”

Clap clap clap!

A round of applause sounded. Lin Wanwan immediately separated herself from the character and met Tang Chen’s appreciating eyes.

“Not bad.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Wanwan pretended to be shy and nodded. She looked at An Qiao and realized he was full of tears. Even his beard was wet.

Although she long understood that there was a tender side to him, was he not too easily moved? A big man crying like a baby every day.

“What fabulous acting!” An Qiao wiped his tears and looked at Bai Yao.

Her face turned bluish white. She was shocked and angry, unwilling to accept defeat.

He said coldly, “I didn’t pick the wrong person, after all. Although this village farmer’s daughter is very innocent, she has her tough and resilient side as well. She’s not someone who has to depend on a man to survive!”

Of course, Lin Wanwan understood this. She just could not express this out and thus, could only tilt her head.

“Really? I just felt that she should be like this.”

An Qiao smiled in relief. This girl might be a fool, but she had a gift for acting. Furthermore, this role was her character in real life. That was why she was so outstanding.

“Heh.” Tang Chen stood up and walked towards Lin Wanwan with a very strong aura.

“You really surprised me.”

Lin Wanwan backed away in fear, looking up at him.

An Qiao’s heart skipped a beat. He saw Tang Chen continue to move forward slowly. Lin Wanwan was being pushed against the foot of the wall, and his slender finger lifted her chin.

Looking at her bewildered face, he smiled evilly. “Take a guess how I would reply to you if I were that general?”

Lin Wanwan very nearly wanted to scold vulgarities!

Enough, she was still a kid! Why did these lechers tease her!

The worst thing was that she could not fight back yet and could only pretend to be ignorant!

“Oh, I don’t know.”


Tang Chen elongated the pronunciation. His long arms wrapped strongly around her slim waist, and he hugged her in a sly posture.

His thin lips brushed her earlobe lightly. When he felt her body gradually turning stiff, his eyes squinted slightly.

“Really want to kiss you.”


What the hell. She was actually a bit shy. However, what she wanted more was to punch to death this a*shole who took liberties with girls!

Lin Wanwan was about to throw a punch when Tang Chen loosened his grip on her and raised his eyebrow.

“I was just joking with you. Hope you don’t mind.”

To hell with you, I mind a lot!

She realized that this identity of a fool was simply too inconvenient. It looked like she had to find a chance to “recover” as soon as possible.

“As an apology, I can treat you to a meal.”

Tang Chen saw Lin Wanwan standing still after what he said. He glanced at her with a half smile. “Follow me.”

“Go.” An Qiao came over to explain, “He’s not that sick in the mind. You can come back after the meal. Be good.”

There were so many women in this entertainment circle who wanted to be wanted by Tang Chen. Too bad there was no one he fancied.

Regardless of how pretty Lin Wanwan might be, her mental age was still just six years old. After thinking, she decided to deal with him.