Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 180

Chapter 180 One Persons Movie

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At the same time, Lin Wanwan had applied for leave from Yu Xi beforehand. She wrapped herself up, sneaked into the crowd, and followed the rest into the cinema.

As Ruan Baoer was going to attend a cosplay activity, she could only go alone and sit quietly at a corner.

Except for the unutilized tickets she had for the two empty seats next to her, the entire cinema was full.

The movie started to play.

This time, whether it was as Lin Wanwan or Lin Xiao, this was the first time she was seeing herself act.

As she knew the plot, she was very calm. Occasionally, she would glance at others. Upon seeing them gradually getting nervous, her lips curved up.

When the movie was about to end, Lin Wanwan was still touched.

On the big screen, the young emperor looked at the civil and military officials of all ranks kneeling in front of him and was silent.

"Your Majesty, put the evil concubine to death and regenerate the imperial regime. Let the commoners feel safe and the rebels will definitely quieten down!"

" I need to consider again."

The camera angle turned.

The emperor, who was wearing a dragon robe, stood in front of Concubine Bais chambers. A glistening dagger was hidden in the dragon robes sleeve.

There were a couple of times when he wanted to open the door, but he took back his hand. However, the door still opened.

Bai Xianxian personally opened the door, as if not seeing the murderous look in his eyes. She warmly asked him in and served him tea as she did in the past.

Concubine Bai personally disrupted the warm atmosphere.

"Your Majesty, when will you take action?"

The dagger in the emperors hands dropped to the ground. His handsome face was pale.

Concubine Bai picked it up and half-squatted in front of the emperor. She personally handed it over to him.

"Theres only two hours left to tomorrow."

There was still two hours left. If the emperor does not kill her, the rebels will rush in and bring down his dynasty.

"Xianxian" The emperor called out her name in a trembling voice.

Bai Xianxian said, "Im here."

She no longer called herself his concubine. She gently but firmly placed the dagger in his hands. Seeing that he was not holding it steadily, she smiled.

"Its enough that theres me in your heart. When Xianxian is not around in the future, remember to take care of yourself."


The emperor shook his head. He wanted to say that he would not kill her and, at the very most, that both of them could die together.

However, Bai Xianxian held his hands firmly and pointed the dagger to her heart. She slammed it in!


Looking at the emperors horrified look, Bai Xianxian curved her lips.

This smile was frighteningly beautiful. It was not deliberately disguised, and only the initial purity and innocence were left.

"Your Majesty, I still remember you telling Xianxian before that even if the world was in chaos, even if it is for me, you would personally create a world full of peace and prosperity. A pity that"

"A womans love is often the tomb for heroes. You have lost to yourself."


Blood was flowing down Bai Xianxians lips. The emperor hurriedly wiped it off. She smiled and placed a hand on his cheek.

"You have been a fool for a while, but you cant be a fool your whole life. My beloved it will last and never die"

Bai Xianxian closed her eyes. Her soft smile was fixed on her pale face.

The emperor buried his entire face on her shoulders. The tears dropped lightly onto the clean floor.

At the same time, there were low sobs in the cinema.

Lin Wanwan was feeling a little complicated.

To be honest, she didnt like Bai Xianxian much in the beginning; she thought that her love was too humbling.

She had dedicated everything to that useless emperor. In the end, she died a horrible death too.

However, at that moment, she suddenly understood.

This was love. It was a magical power that had the ability to create life and death and cause one to go crazy.


Lin Wanwan gave a low sigh. She wanted to wipe away a tear from the corner of her eye, but a hand that had stretched out of nowhere beat her to it.