Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 181

Chapter 181 You Dont Have To Put Up A Strong Front In Front Of Me

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The mans rough fingertip gently wiped away that glistening teardrop.

Lin Wanwan stood still at her original spot. Whatever sadness she had was swept away. She stared in shock at the man who had suddenly appeared and snapped back to reality after a long while.

"Why are you here?!"

Lu Zhanbei went to sit at the empty seat next to her. Upon hearing this, he laughed lightly. "I was free, so I came to watch my little lovers movie."

Lin Wanwan laughed in a low voice. "Then youre late. Its about to end."

"I know." Lu Zhanbei glanced at the big screen and asked nonchalantly, "Do I need to lend you my shoulder?"

"No need, I" She was just feeling emotional for a moment and was not truly upset.

A pity Lin Wanwan did not manage to finish saying her words. A subtle hint of light flashed behind Lu Zhanbeis eyes. He suddenly stretched out his arm and took her shoulders. With a gentle but irresistible force, he held her entirely in his embrace.

"You dont have to put up a strong front in front of me."


Lin Wanwan, who was forced to be in his embrace, was so depressed she wanted to vomit blood. She was really not putting up a strong front, please!

Lin Wanwan could not struggle and was too lazy to resist. She quietly nestled herself in his arms and watched the screen.

Lu Zhanbei held her waist, and his gaze swept past her exquisite eyebrows. A trace of satisfaction rose in his heart, but it flashed past so quickly that he did not manage to catch hold of it.

The last shot of the movie was of an emperor who had unified the kingdoms, sitting on the dragon chair.

Although he was all mighty and superior, he was also very lonely.

That woman will never appear again.

The End

"Lets leave later."

Lin Wanwan tugged at Lu Zhanbeis sleeve. She saw the audience getting up one after another. As they headed outside, they continued to discuss the plot fervently.

"An Qiaos commercial films are too devilish. Although the plot was exaggerated, people would want to watch it! The one who left a deep impression was the actress who acted Bai Xianxian. Whats her name again?"

"Lin Wanwan!"

"Yes, I remember her too. There were a couple of topics surrounding her previously."

"When Bai Xianxian died, I cried. It was so cruel"

"It was also so heart-wrenching when she died so beautifully. To be honest, the reason why I watched this movie today is because I dont believe a foolish girl can play a movie character well. I didnt expect wow, I just looked at her Weibo account. After observing for a while that there are no problems with her character, I became her follower!"

"You still had to observe her? I already became a follower when she died!"

Listening to these discussions, Lin Wanwan tilted her head and looked at Lu Zhanbei, her face full of confidence.

"This is my first step in the climb to the top. One of these days, Ill let the whole world know that Lin Wanwan is actually a great actress!"

In the dark, her eyes were frighteningly bright.

Looking at her straight in the eye, ripples started to form in Lu Zhanbeis calm heart. He could not help but smile. "I have always believed in you."

When it was empty, the two of them walked out of the cinema.

Lin Wanwan saw that he didnt have the intention to get on the car and leave. Thus, she could only accompany him, and they slowly walked along the road.

Lu Zhanbei had not said anything after walking for approximately half an hour. Lin Wanwan did not know what to say as well. When her legs began to ache, she could not help but call him out loud.

"Lu Zhanbei."


Lin Wanwan initially wanted to ask him if he had anything to say. However, looking at his cold gaze, she changed her words. "Treat me to dessert!"

The way she said this matter-of-factly made Lu Zhanbeis eyes grow warmer. "Is this how you ask something from someone?"

"Youre different from the rest. I know you cant bear to reject me, right?" She put on an act and blinked.