Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 182

Chapter 182 What Has Her Anger Got To Do With Me?

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Couldnt bear to

For giving in to her damp eyes, Lu Zhanbei chose to agree silently.

The two got on the car and headed straight to Jin Tong Que. As they had not had desserts for a long time, Lin Wanwan ate her fill. When they left, it was already past 11 pm.

The school was already closed. She originally planned to stay over at Ruan Baoers condominium for a night. Unexpectedly, Lu Zhanbei drove her back to Yun Mansion.

"Ah I better not stay at your house in the future anymore."

Lu Zhanbei halted in his movements as he was heading upstairs. He titled his head to look at Lin Wanwan, who was one step behind. His eyes were especially dark for a second. "Because of Luo Han?"

"Yes, I"

Lin Wanwan wanted to clarify herself, but Lu Zhanbei did not want to listen to her anymore. He hastened his pace and never looked at her again.

Lin Wanwan scratched her head in puzzlement. Why was it that he was angry again?

This night, Lin Wanwan had a good nights sleep.

Although Lu Zhanbei seemed to be angry at her the night before, she still managed to hitch a ride from Lu Zhanbei the next morning.

Along the way, neither of them said anything. The atmosphere was a little stagnant. She did not know when it had started, but they started to be a little awkward around each other.

The good thing was that An Qiaos call came to the rescue at that moment.

"Little girl, have you seen todays hot news?" An Qiaos voice was full of joy.

"I havent had the time yet. Why?"

"Its a secret, you take a look yourself later!" An Qiao continued with a smile, "The company has prepared a celebration party, which is also an employees gathering. There will be countless reporters and celebrities then. A lot of respected individuals will be there too. Youre the second female lead so you cant be absent. Ill send someone to pick you up."

Lin Wanwan felt that she could not refuse and was about to promise when she suddenly smiled.

"The movie was screened just yesterday and today youre starting to prepare the celebration party? Its good to have confidence, but be careful you wont be able to step down from the stage!"

An Qiao smiled smugly. "Dont worry about this first. Are you coming to the celebration party?"

"Ill be there."

"Then its settled!"

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan tilted her head inadvertently. She saw Lu Zhanbei looking at her and repeated An Qiaos words to him.

Lu Zhanbei cast her a meaningful glance, strangely.

The way he looked at Lin Wanwan made her feel pins and needles, and she felt weird.

The call the previous time was like that too. So was yesterday night, when they were taking a stroll. Lu Zhanbei gave off the feeling of wanting to say something but deciding to hold back in the end.

Lin Wanwan shook away this weird feeling and casually asked, "You want to go too?"

Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes. He did not answer and instead asked, "You want me to?"

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "You dont have to ask for my opinion for this. If you want to go, then go. Its just that you cant appear together with me. If you do, Ill be pushed to the teeth of the storm again."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes looked a little deeper, and there was a foreboding sense of unknown danger.

Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped. She did not know what she had said wrongly again and could only feign ignorance.

After a long while, he coldly said these few words, "No drinking allowed."

"No problem!" Lin Wanwan dared not disagree.

She did not dare let Lu Zhanbei send her to the door and got off earlier when there was still a section of the road left.

Looking at her figure gradually disappearing, Lu Zhanbeis good-looking eyebrows began to frost over.

Gu Mo, who had been silent the whole time, asked, "If Sir is indeed worried, we can just sneak in and not let Ms. Lin know about it."

Lu Zhanbei said in a slightly cold voice, "If I want to go, do I still have to sneak my way in?"

" Im just worried that Ms. Lin will be angry."

"What has her anger got to do with me?"