Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 183

Chapter 183 A Crazy Increase In The Number Of Followers

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Lu Zhanbei’s tone got colder. Gu Mo secretly scolded himself for having a cheap mouth. He shrank his neck, not daring to make any noise anymore.

Lu Zhanbei realized that he had lost control. His body leaned back and his fair-skinned fingertip lightly rubbed at the frown in between the eyebrows.

“Start driving, go back.”


Lin Wanwan had just appeared before the small and warm production team when passionate smiling faces greeted her. They were saying celebratory words too.

“Wanwan, ‘The Palace‘ has achieved wonderful box office sales. Don’t forget us when you’re rich!”

“It crossed a billion yuan overnight, and there’s good public praise. It’s estimated that it will break this year’s box office records!”

“Did you know that every time I see someone doubt your acting skills on the internet, I would want to deliver a slap to him or her? Your acting is really not bad, and everyone recognizes it!”

Lin Wanwan had always had good relations with the people in the production team. With Bai Youran serving as a contrast too, in everyone’s eyes, she was simply a representative of truth, kindness, and beauty.

After smiling and thanking them, Lin Wanwan finally understood why An Qiao was preparing a celebration party.

She took the time to log in to Weibo. The movie was indeed soaring in popularity.

A famous film critic wrote a simple paragraph of comments after watching the movie:

“In the beginning, I thought that An Qiao was being ridiculous for letting Lin Wanwan play the second female lead. Even though he had complimented Lin Wanwan many times about having the gift, it was useless. Could an inexperienced newbie with a questionable IQ really control the transformations of Bai Xianxian? However, she really gave me a surprise. From the simple farmer girl to the Concubine Bai who had caused the downfall of a city and a nation, Bai Xianxian had controlled the different aspects well. Although I feel that there is still huge room for improvement, for a newbie, she’s considered not bad. Lastly, I concede once again to An Qiao’s ability to select the right people!”

This film critic was always known for his sharp tongue and poisonous words. This time, he actually gave such a high evaluation to Lin Wanwan, which made everyone’s jaw drop.

In this era where people followed trends, the number of Lin Wanwan’s followers had soared to five million at a rapid rate.

She acted Bai Xianxian well and truly had her own representational work.

Lin Wanwan knew that her first step was a success.

Her prediction was right too. As the audience didn’t have high hopes for her in the first place, they felt more surprised instead, although she looked like she barely passed for this performance, without feeling too shocked.

Step by step, standing firmly and fighting steadily. One of these days, she would climb to the top!

Lin Xiao’s unfinished dreams in the previous life shall be continued by Lin Wanwan in this lifetime!

Although Lin Wanwan was a little agitated, she calmed down very quickly as she was accustomed to seeing all sights and sounds. She changed her clothes as usual and prepared for filming.

Ruan Baoer sat at the side in sheer boredom as she watched the stylist select accessories for Lin Wanwan.

“I’m going to get a drink. Sister Ball, do you want one?”


Not too long later, Ruan Baoer walked over with a cup of hot water. She looked nervously at the liquid sloshing about in the cup, as if she’s holding a bomb.

Lin Wanwan thought of her destructive powers and could not help but smile. “You can just find a place to put it down. Later I’ll”

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to finish her words, Ruan Baoer’s body swayed, as if having tripped over something, and the full glass of boiling water was poured towards Lin Wanwan.

“What the!”

Lin Wanwan reacted promptly. She stood up and ran, not forgetting to pull the stylist away too.

The boiling water was spilled all over the dressing table. All kinds of cosmetics and accessories got wet, and steam rose from them.

It was not finished yet.

Ruan Baoer was about to fall to the ground. In a moment of desperation, she grabbed the armrest of the sofa to stabilize herself. However, she fell onto the sofa instead. She pulled again and grabbed the curtain.


The curtain was torn directly into two halves.

Then, she hugged a big vase that was the height of a person and a half.


The vase broke.