Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 184

Chapter 184 In The Limelight

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Lin Wanwan was shocked and horrified in the beginning, but she was now expressionless.

"What happened!"

Yu Xi heard the noise and rushed over. When he saw the messy dressing room, he was immediately stunned.

The originally clean interior seemed to have experienced a war. There was not a single clean spot in the room.

What was more amazing was that the culprit did not have dust anywhere on her body after creating such a huge mess. She considered herself lucky and patted her chest. "This scared me."

The crowd was speechless.

They were the ones who were nearly scared to death by her, please!

Lin Wanwan glanced at Yu Xi, who had not recovered himself yet. She silently walked over to admit her mistake, "Director, Ill pay for this."

Yu Xi waved his hands.

At this moment, Ruan Baoer seemed to have realized that she did something wrong and walked over. She blinked her big eyes, poked both fingers towards each other, and looked wronged and pitiful.

"Sorry, I didnt do this on purpose"

The way she put on an act was effective against people of all genders and ages.

Yu Xi nearly wanted to pinch her bulging cheeks but, thankfully, held back. "Its ok. These are all minor items. Just pay attention next time."

"Youre really the best director in the whole world!"

"Heh heh."


Seeing how Ruan Baoer had coaxed Yu Xi until he was laughing out loud, it seemed as if he was just short of saying that there werent many things here and she could just destroy them however she liked.

Lin Wanwan could not bear to look at this sight. She was about to pull the stylist to another spare dressing room when she spotted Bai Youran standing at the door. Her eyes were cold and her expression was full of sarcasm, but she miraculously didnt open her mouth.

Sensing Lin Wanwans look of amazement, she smiled coldly, turned, and left.

"So scary." The stylist trembled.

Lin Wanwan smiled, but a warning sign was raised in her heart.

The two days of filming passed by in the blink of an eye. During this period, Bai Youran had been quiet. Even if there was a scene that had over ten NGs consecutively, she did not flare up.

From her dark expression, Lin Wanwan could sense that danger was brewing.

On Monday, Lin Wanwan stepped into the classroom and was unintentionally in the limelight again.

Everyone complimented her nonstop for her good acting skills. Some even complained about Bai Xianxians death, how the emperor was too much of a scumbag, and how the empress was too vicious. She listened until she developed a headache and was unable to brush them off despite tremendous efforts.

The bell rang and saved her in the end. However, in the next lesson, she was stuck again.

"Wanwan, on account that we are classmates, give me your signature?"

After the movie was screened, although Lin Wanwan did not become extremely famous, she was still considered a more renowned actress now. Furthermore, she had both the looks and the skills. Anyone could tell that if she maintained the status quo, there would definitely be a place for her in the entertainment circle in the future.

If she doesnt get her signature now, she might not have the chance anymore after graduation.

"No problem!"

Lin Wanwan took the initiative to tear a piece of paper and signed her name on it. However, she didnt give this to the classmate who wanted her signature. Instead, she walked to the front of Liu Zilins desk and said with a smile, "This is my first signature. Ill give it to you first."

"" Liu Zilin glared fiercely at her but still received the paper over.

Actually she liked Bai Xianxian too. When Bai Xianxian died, she even shed tears.

She definitely couldnt say this out loud though. If she did, wont Lin Wanwan get too happy?

Lin Wanwan started to give other classmates her signature. Some of the students were even from different classes.

This day, she was mentally and physically exhausted. Wherever she went, people used fascinated looks to size her up, as if watching a rare animal. She was so frightened that she dared not roam outside casually.

Fame comes at a price. She had to keep an even lower profile.