Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Trouble Comes Knocking 1

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Lin Wanwan did not hear clearly. "What did you say?"

"I said, Ill ask you to get lost immediately!"


Seeing that Lin Wanwan was not moving, Si Han, who was already in a bad mood to begin with, shot daggers at her coldly. "Youre still not leaving? Do you believe Ill not kick you out?"

Lin Wanwan really could not wait to scratch at that hateful face of his!

"Whatever, bye!"

Before leaving, she could not stomach the insult and could not help but throw him ruthless words.

"Si Dada, Ill wear this outfit today and leave, and I wont return it to you. Also, dont expect me to pay for this at all. Thanks for going to such expense!"

One look and it was clear that this was worth a lot of money.

Thinking of this, Lin Wanwan felt slightly better in her heart. She happily walked away in her high heels and did not hear Si Hans sneering voice.

"Its ok not to return it. Its not my money anyway."

At 7 in the evening, Lin Wanwan was standing at the schools back gate, waiting for An Qiao. However, she unexpectedly received a call from Tang Chen.

"Is anything the matter?"

"I forgot to congratulate you on your movies box office sales. I especially called to tell you this."

"Thanks. Is anything else the matter?"

Her formulaic tone made Tang Chen a little unhappy. "Lin Wanwan, do you not want to see me that much?"

Lin Wanwan said in a surprised tone, "So young Tang has some virtues too. At the very least, he knows his place well."

Tang Chen laughed out of anger. "Good for you. See how Ill deal with you the next time we meet!"

Lin Wanwan had said these words without thinking too much about the consequences. Recalling how fearless he was that day, she immediately shrugged her shoulders and hurriedly laughed.

"Sorry. I was bullied just now so my moods a little bad. Dont take it to heart."

"Who bullied you?"

His tone was cold and seemed to be saying that if she told him who, he would immediately take it out on that person. This instantly awakened Lin Wanwans psychological shadow.

She hurriedly changed the topic, "Ill tell you next time. Im in a hurry to attend the celebration party and times running out. Bye!"

After saying this, she hung up the call. Not too long later, An Qiao arrived as well.

Lin Wanwan sat next to the driver. An Qiao sized her up on her outfit today and gave her a thumbs up. "Looks nice!"

She said shyly, "Mainly because Im pretty."

"" He hadnt seen such a shameless person for a very long time.

After traveling at the speed of lightning, An Qiaos BMW stopped in front of a big building.

It was already a harmonious and happy scene at the main hall.

The well-dressed people were gathered together, drinking alcohol and chatting and smiling. Looking at them, the men were handsome while the women were pretty. Almost everyone there had an exquisite-looking face.

Besides comedians, there were not many ugly people who could enter the entertainment circle.

Lin Wanwan saw quite a number of familiar faces, all of whom were big names in the entertainment circle.

Also, she realized that these people were clearly divided into two factions.

One faction was the celebrities in the entertainment circle. The other was the sons and daughters from rich families.

The former obviously wanted to get close to the latter, but the latter had especially put on airs, with looks of disdain on their faces.

In this age and time, although celebrities now have a much higher social standing, in the eyes of the rich, they were still better kept under the table. If not for Sheng Rui Corporation backing The Palace, they wouldnt have come here.

"An Qiao, youre finally here. Quick, come over!"

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes waved towards An Qiao. As An Qiao nodded to him, he spoke quickly to Lin Wanwan, "There are a lot of people we cant afford to offend. When Im not with you later, be careful. Dont drink alcohol, and dont casually talk to strangers. Understand?"