Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Trouble Comes Knocking 2

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The way he was worried for her, it was as if she was being treated like a child. Lin Wanwan laughed in her heart, obediently nodded, and found a place to sit down on her own.

Actually, when Lin Wanwan walked in, a lot of people had already noticed her. However, none of them came over to greet her.

This was because out of everyone present, Lin Wanwan was the one with the lowest standing.

She quietly sat in a corner and tried her best to lower her presence. She just wanted some quiet. However, someone was not going to let her have her way.

Not too far away, Bai Youran stood together with a slender man. She looked at Lin Wanwan coldly.

“That’s her?”


The man took Bai Youran’s shoulders. He had a slightly feminine face, and his drooping eyelids added a sense of foreboding evil. When his eyes flashed, there was a hypocritical look that bore bad intentions. He said casually, “My silly sister. Just an actress can make you so angry? You are the missy of the Bai family, eh!”

Bai Youran slapped away his hand that was on her shoulder. Her wronged look was accompanied by hatred and anger. “Everyone’s protecting her. What can I do?”

“That’s why I say you are a fool.”

Seeing Bai Youran giving him a stare, Bai Juan smiled evilly. “I, your brother, have a way of dealing with girls. In this age and time, who isn’t vain? Add to that, she’s an actress. She’s just another unfaithful woman. Wait and see how I’ll take it out on her for you!”

“Brother, I have already thought of an idea. You”

Bai Juan did not listen to her and just waved his hand. “I’ll use my method when I’m attending to the matter personally. You just watch me.”

Lin Wanwan, who was sitting at the corner playing with her mobile, felt that she was being shrouded by a dark shadow. She instinctively looked up and met a pair of cold eyes.

The man wearing a light gray suit had a self-righteous, elegant, and distinguished smile. He pushed over a glass of red wine. “Pretty lady, may I have the honor of treating you to a drink?”

Lin Wanwan could feel that his naked gaze was sweeping through her body inch by inch, as if he was using his eyes to remove her clothes. A sense of disgust rose in her heart immediately!

“I’m sorry, I don’t ever drink alcohol.”

After saying this, she gave him a shy smile. It was pure and innocent, mixed with an unclear charm.

Because of her smile, Bai Juan’s displeasure at being rejected decreased a little. He said in a stronger tone, “I want to treat you to a drink only because I think highly of you. You are not going to refuse face when I give you face right?”

The last sentence was said with a hint of a threat.

Lin Wanwan frowned lightly. Although she didn’t know this man, she was very clear he did not have good intentions.

He shouldn’t come from a simple background; from the moment he walked over, 80 percent of the people in the room had looked over.

“Eh? Isn’t that young Bai?”

“Does he have his eyes on that woman? I remember she’s called Lin right, Lin Wanwan. She’s a little famous, but I think there are some issues with her brain.”

“She’s quite pretty though. It’s just a pity that the woman Bai Juan fancies normally won’t have a good ending.”

“Who said it isn’t so? Heard that he played a model until she died last month. Is that true?”


Lin Wanwan was sharp-eared and heard the words “young Bai.”


Could it be that hard-to-handle brother of Bai Youran?

Indeed, he did not have good intentions!

She probably won’t be able to shake off this trouble. Lin Wanwan was thinking of ways to handle him, but Bai Juan had already taken a step forward impatiently. As he held the glass in one hand, he lifted her chin with the other, planning to force it down her throat.

“Regardless, you have to drink my glass of wine today. If you don’t, don’t think of getting out of here!”