Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 188

Chapter 188 A Hero Saving A Damsel In Distress

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Seeing that his hand was about to touch her, Lin Wanwan clenched her fists and prepared to fight it out.

A cold voice sounded, “Bai Juan, try touching her and see what happens.”

Everyone was shocked!

They had seen Luo Han walking over slowly, his cold and handsome face coated with a layer of frost. His awe-inspiring arrogance could be felt.

Bai Juan froze in his movements. He looked at him and his face fell. “Luo Han, what do you want to do?”

Luo Han stood in front of Lin Wanwan and blocked everyone’s view of her. “What do I want to do? Heh, shall I invite Uncle over to appreciate how you abuse your authority to bully others?”

Bai Juan’s face changed!

The Bai family had a very deep political background. The officials cherished their reputation and acted very consciously. Once a scandal was created, causing public discussion, it would very likely affect one’s road to promotion.

Although Bai Juan often created trouble, he never dared to do so in front of his father, lest he got lectured by him.

“Good for you!”

Bai Juan eventually admitted defeat. His sinister and ruthless eyes looked towards the girl behind Luo Han, and he smiled coldly.

“The eldest son of the Luo family actually fancies this type of woman. What an eyeopener for me!”

After saying this, he turned around and left.

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath.Tolerate!

Based on what she saw, this Bai Juan was not considered a top-ranking young talent in the Imperial Capital.

She and Lu Zhanbei had attended the Mo family’s banquet before. Bai Juan was not present at that time. Thus, this proved that although he was being labeled as one of the three musketeers in the Imperial Capital, he was not qualified enough to enter Lu Zhanbei’s circle.

“Stay by my side later on.” Luo Han turned and said calmly to her, “When the banquet ends, I’ll send you back.”

Lin Wanwan obediently nodded. “Why are you taking care of me so much?”

Could it be that Luo Han liked her?

Lin Wanwan’s eyes instantly shone like stars. Luo Han smiled lightly and did not answer this question.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll bring them over for you.”

“Just desserts. I don’t want the rest.”

Since he didn’t want to answer her, she wouldn’t push for a reply either, lest he found her irritating. She would just treat it that he secretly liked her!

In the eyes of others, the conversation between the two ignited another round of gossip.

In addition to some envy, jealousy, and hatred, some sons from rich families, who also self-proclaimed themselves as higher beings, expressed contempt.

Everyone was busy with their own things. No one noticed that not far away in a secluded corner, a slender figure stood quietly, his phoenix-shaped eyes deep and serene.

“Sir” Gu Mo appeared quietly and said in a low voice, “You shouldn’t have let Luo Han take care of Ms. Lin. If not for him, the hero saving the damsel in distress would have been you! What a good opportunity that would have been!”

Lu Zhanbei eyed him lightly, which caused Gu Mo to tremble.

After a long while, he said plainly, “Luo Han helped me to solve the problem. I should thank him.”

He had to guarantee Lin Wanwan’s safety. As to whether or not that was done by him or others, there was not much difference.

Gu Mo dared not make any sound. However, he couldn’t comprehend what was going on in his heart.

Previously, he had always faintly felt that Sir had already developed feelings for Lin Wanwan.

Personally picking gifts for her, arranging for Luo Han to take care of her, preparing a top-notch styling team for her

Everything was initiated by Sir. Some of them were even done in secret. He was simply forking out quietly without asking for anything in return.

However, the coldness he displayed at times made Gu Mo wonder if he had guessed wrongly.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the two people interacting well not too far away. Under the light, Lin Wanwan smiled until her eyebrows curved up. From time to time, she would throw Luo Han a shy look.

Lu Zhanbei did not know why, but he found it an eyesore.