Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Resorting To Fraudulence

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He turned and headed outside. "Return to Yun Mansion."

"Ms. Lin should be going up on stage to express her thanks later. You dont want to wait?"


After hearing this, Lu Zhanbei stopped in his tracks. He didnt say anything but quietly walked back. He rubbed his thin lips when he saw Gu Mo snicker from the corner of his eye.

Sensing danger, Gu Mo had a little spasm. "Haha, theres nothing much to do if Sir returns. I know youre staying here just to kill time. Thats for sure!"

Not long after, An Qiao got a few important actors and actresses together and prepared to go on stage.

The guests continued to do their thing. Only the reporters whod just entered the room were busy. They held their cameras and aimed at the main cast on stage, frantically snapping photos.

All set and ready to go, An Qiao started speaking first.

He had drafted a script beforehand and acknowledged his thanks very generally. The others did the same too.

Finally, the microphone landed on Lin Wanwans hands.

On the way here, An Qiao had already passed her a script.

Lin Wanwan used a tone that could arouse ones fervor and recited the script. It actually had the feeling of revealing true sentiments too.

The lights never stopped flashing. In that moment, she was the focus of everyone.

In the corner, Bai Youran glared at Lin Wanwan.

When she thought of how Luo Han had hit her brothers face in public because of this slut, she could not control the anger in her!

Bai Juan walked over and did not look good as well.

"Youran, dont be angry. When Lin Wanwan leaves later, Ill get a few people to tie her up. You can do whatever you want to her then, as you please."

"No." Bai Youran shook her head. "I have an even better idea!"

When she thought of how insistent Lin Wanwan was on not drinking alcohol even when Yu Xi had tried every possible way to persuade her back then, Bai Youran thought of a plan.

"Lin Wanwan seems to be very resistant against alcohol. She wont even drink a mouthful. There must be some reason for this. I have already gotten someone to change the fruit juice she drinks to a cocktail. When they give a celebratory toast later, lets wait and see how shell make a fool of herself!"

"How is this a good idea? Why dont I add a little something into her alcohol?"


The reason why Bai Youran rejected this was not because she was soft-hearted towards Lin Wanwan. When she saw Bai Juans questioning gaze, she explained, "Theres a lot of people here. If we kick up a big fuss, it wont be good for us too. If Lin Wanwan gets into trouble after drinking, no one can push the blame on us then."

"Ok, lets listen to you first then and see if theres any effect." Bai Youran elegantly curled her hair, her eyes full of viciousness as she looked to the stage.

Lin Wanwan did not seem to know that danger had arrived.

At this moment, the waiter brought a few glasses of alcohol to the stage. Lu Zhanbei saw this scene and started to frown.

He hoped that this woman remembered his warning! If not, see how he would deal with her!

Lu Zhanbei saw Lin Wanwan hesitate for a while before looking at An Qiao perplexedly.

An Qiao leaned over. From the shape of his mouth, he could see that he was telling her that this glass was filled with fruit juice.

Only then was Lin Wanwan relieved and held up the glass, clinging it lightly with others.

A crisp sound was heard. Ripples started to form on the alcohol in the glass. Lin Wanwan lifted her snow-white neck and drank a sip.

As the wine slid down her throat, she immediately frowned.

This was not juice at all. Instead, it was a cocktail with high alcohol content. What was going on?

Under everyones watchful gaze, Lin Wanwan thought it was not good to ask An Qiao directly. She suppressed the doubts in her heart. A glass of alcohol was ok, as it was insufficient to make her drunk.

Bai Youran saw for herself that Lin Wanwan drank the alcohol, and her eyes flashed a hint of anticipation.