Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Dear Just Call Me Dear

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After she went out, An Qiao went out too. The lounge was left with only a completely forgotten Bai Yao.

Looking at the open door, her beautiful face revealed a cold smile of resentment.

“Lin Wanwan, I’ll remember you! The next time we have a chance to compare skills again, I will definitely not lose!”

Tang Chen brought Lin Wanwan to a Western restaurant that was not far away from the corporation.

A long dining table with white tablecloth was placed in front of the window of the reserved room. It was beautiful when the window screen moved along with the breeze.

Lin Wanwan took the dining fork and cut the medium-well steak on the plate without a sound.

That elegant and skillful movement made Tang Chen’s eyes darken. There was a hint of meaning in his tone as he said, “Lin’s second daughter has good table manners.”

Lin Wanwan froze in her movements. Her clear and innocent eyes blinked. “Of course, my father used to engage an etiquette teacher for me.”

So, stop trying to test me again.

“I see.”

The messy strands of hair in between his forehead concealed Tang Chen’s eyebrows, but they could not conceal the evil laughter in his eyes.

“You have never learned acting before, so how did you act so well?”

Lin Wanwan used a hand to cover her mouth and looked at him excitedly. She said in a childish tone, “I myself don’t know. All of you said that I acted well so I guess that’s really good. Never thought that I had the potential to be a child star!”


Tsk, child star? No one else could have such self-recognition except her.

This was the first time Tang Chen experienced what was called landing a blow on a cotton pad it was no use because she was very skillful.

Was this woman really a fool, or was she only pretending to be one?

“Lin Wanwan.”


“I feel that you should address me in another way.” Tang Chen casually said this sentence as he poured alcohol into the wine glass.

“How should I address you?”

Tang Chen’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light and he said joyfully, “Address me the way I told you previously in the hotel.”



Lin Wanwan coughed and her eyelids jumped. Their eyes met. The pupils of his eyes were like two vortices. It was as if they could suck away one’s body and soul.

Her finger that was holding the fork tightened subconsciously.

“When was the last time? I forgot.”

This move was to cope with the changing situation. She secretly complimented herself for her wits.

She thought that Tang Chen would have nothing to say to this. Who knew that he would smile lightly and continue in a bantering tone.

“Dear, just call me Dear.”


Good for you! In terms of being thick-skinned, I would concede!

It was no wonder that he would doubt though. After all, it was quite a big contrast from the way she performed that day.

Lin Wanwan completely gave up and showed him a face that seemed to say, “What are you talking about, why do I not understand?”. Then she continued to eat her steak in a daze.

This look was a bit cute.

Tang Chen’s eyes flashed a hint of a smile, but it was soon covered with a thin layer of gloom.

His eyes changed and he handed over the glass of red wine that he had filled to the brim.

“How can you not drink red wine when eating Western food? Try some, it tastes good.”

Lin Wanwan looked at him and received the glass.

If the intention was to make her drunk so that she would confess afterwards that she was pretending to be a fool, then she would say that he had made the wrong move.

After being in the entertainment circle for so many years, if she could get drunk so easily, she would have long lost her virginity.

No matter how hard he tried to test her, she would just not admit it. What could he do to her?



Lin Wanwan pretended to be ignorant and clanged glasses with him. She then took a sip of the red wine, found its taste to be not bad, and continued to take two sips.

Tang Chen smiled and gave her an unfathomable look.