Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Hang In There Ill Bring You Away Immediately

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"You guys"

An Qiao was so angry that his face turned white. However, he dared not offend these people and could only signal with his eye to his assistant to get the top management over, in hopes of easing the situation.

Bai Youran felt good seeing Lin Wanwan bending over the table having spasms all over. She was obviously in severe pain and torment at the moment.

She sneered arrogantly and was about to continue speaking when she saw Luo Han heading over with a cold expression on his face. Her face changed immediately!


Bai Juan, who was standing by the side, nodded. With a wave of his hand, he called out several bodyguards whom he had prepared beforehand to block Luo Hans way.

"Luo Han, just a word of caution. You better not be such a busybody again!"

Luo Hans expression was cold. "Get lost!"

Bai Juan laughed flippantly. "So what if I dont? My sister is the missy of the Bai family. Youre blind not to fancy her and to be so protective of a lowly actress. Ill tell you clearly now, Im going to let that little slut make a fool of herself in front of everyone today. Lets see how she dares to snatch someone away from my sister again in the future!"

Luo Han did not say anything further and threw a punch over.

"Get him!" Bai Juan waved his hands.

He knew that Luo Han was skillful. Even if these bodyguards had the strength, they would not be able to match up to Luo Han. However, it was enough to use them to buy time.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan really could not endure it any longer.

She knew that everyone was looking at her, waiting for her to make a fool of herself. The invasion of drugs had caused her rationality to collapse quickly, leaving only madness.


She subconsciously grabbed An Qiaos arm tightly. He felt the raw pain and looked more anxious. "Girl, calm down!"

"Give me medicine"

She was feeling more empty and irritated. Lin Wanwans beautiful eyes were no longer clear like before, but dazed. She was short of breath. She looked ferocious one moment but looked like she could burst into tears the next.

Just when she was about to become a slave to the drug completely and give up all her dignity to plead for help

All of a sudden, the legs that she prepared to bend were being swept up by a long arm. After the sky and earth spun around, she fell into a cool embrace.

A mans hoarse voice was heard near her ear, saying, "Im here."

The familiar feeling made Lin Wanwan recover a moment of sobriety. Looking at the handsome face well within reach, the tears that she had held in for a long time finally fell.

"Lu Zhanbei"

The man lowered his head and wiped away the tears on her face. "Hang in there, Ill bring you away immediately."


The heart that had originally fallen into darkness saw the light again, because of his arrival.

Lin Wanwan was docile in his arms. She bit the tip of her tongue heavily and used this severe pain to forcibly pull her sanity back.

All of these happened in a split second.

The sons and daughters from rich families, who were originally waiting to watch Lin Wanwan make a fool out of herself, and the reporters, who looked at one another, were shocked by this sudden scene.

"Mr. Lu!" A veteran reporter in the know exclaimed in surprise. He nearly dropped the camera in his hands.

Those who were sons and daughters from rich families like Bai Youran did not recognize Lu Zhanbei. Their intelligence could not compare to the reporters, who often dug up secrets outside.

However, there were some who had seen him before. They were momentarily shocked and stood rooted to the ground!

Why did this legendary man suddenly appear? Furthermore he was hugging a small-time actress? What situation was this?!

Bai Youran did not notice the strange atmosphere around her. She was using her mobile to take a video of Lin Wanwan making a fool of herself. Seeing that someone was about to bring Lin Wanwan away, her face immediately sank.

"Who are you? Put Lin Wanwan down now. If you dont, dont even think of leaving here either!"