Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 193

Chapter 193 You Are Not Like You Today

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Bai Juan’s face was as swollen as a pig’s head and was full of outrageous bruises. He fiercely wiped away the blood stain on his mouth and accidentally touched his wound, causing him to grimace in pain!

After a while, he said sullenly, “No matter what that man’s background is, I must take revenge. If I do not, I will not be named Bai Juan!”


Bai Juan waved his hand to interrupt her. He said in a ruthless tone, “Can’t let that little slut off either. I remember you have been filming with your mobile. Did you manage to get anything?”

Bai Youran nodded, then shook her head. “It’s all useless stuff.”

“Let me take a look.”

Bai Juan took her mobile and looked at it once.

Because Lu Zhanbei rushed over just in time, Lin Wanwan was not caught making any ugly behavior.

However, the photo of Lu Zhanbei hugging Lin Wanwan was very clear. Because of the angle, Lu Zhanbei only revealed his profile.

“Youran, didn’t you also take a photo of Luo Han protecting Lin Wanwan before?”

At the mention of this, Bai Youran’s expression turned uglier.

“Yes. I wanted to show this photo to Uncle Luo so that he can stop Luo Han.”

“Very good.”

Bai Juan smiled strangely and touched his highly swollen chin. His level of hatred towards Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan increased yet another notch.

Thinking of the ten or so bodyguards whom Lu Zhanbei brought along with him, Bai Youran was a little worried. “Brother, Father won’t agree with you. Furthermore, that man seems to have some background”

“Shut up!” Bai Juan stood up. His face was dark as he pushed her away. “If you’re scared, you can get lost!”

He was one of the three musketeers in Imperial Capital and also the heir of the Bai family. Who in Xia country could he not afford to offend?

Let’s wait and see!

On the roads, Lin Wanwan nestled her shivering self in Lu Zhanbei’s embrace. Her fingers clutched his sleeve tightly, and she clenched her teeth.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist and lightly patted her shoulder with one hand.

“Drive a little faster.”

“I have already stepped on the accelerator fully!” Gu Mo grimaced. He had already run a number of red lights and was speeding all the way.

“Have you contacted Doctor Zhou Yan?”

“He’s already on the way to Yun Mansion.”

Lu Zhanbei lowered his head and looked at the girl in his embrace. For the first time, he said in a gentle tone, “Endure it a little longer. You will be fine soon.”


Even though she was already sweating all over and her body was still twitching, Lin Wanwan obediently answered him. After that, she clenched her teeth and occasionally let out a whimper.

When that traveled to Lu Zhanbei’s ears, he could not help but hold her tighter.

Lin Wanwan did not know why either, but although the itch in her bones was getting stronger and her heart was feeling emptier, she could still maintain a little of her rationale when held by him this way.

“Lu Zhanbei you’re so gentle today that’s unlike you”

Gu Mo, who was driving in the front, nodded silently. Indeed, even he doubted if Sir was bewitched today.

“Was I not gentle to you in the past?”

“Yes, you were fierce. You would yell at me, and you even used violence at times.”

“Then I’ll be this gentle to you every day in the future.”


“Truer than the bracelet I gave you.”

Lu Zhanbei knew that she was relying on words to divert her attention and tried his best to coordinate with her.

Sure enough, Lin Wanwan showed a smile on her pale face. “Don’t give me such an expensive gift again in the future. I won’t accept it.”

“You don’t like it?”

“No I’m afraid I won’t be able to repay you the favor I owed.”

“You don’t have to.”