Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Lin Wanwan Who Are You To Me?

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She clicked on the headline and a few photos appeared.

One of them was of Luo Han in a protectors pose, standing in front of her. She was pulling on Luo Hans sleeve and sticking out her head.

There was another of her interacting with Luo Han. The other two were of Lu Zhanbei hugging her.

Her face was completely unobstructed in the photos. However, Lu Zhanbei only revealed half of his handsome profile.

"Lu Zhanbei, we are being rumored together!"

Hearing her flustered screams, Lu Zhanbeis eyes widened. He received the mobile she handed over, and a cold smile formed at the corner of his lips.

It looked like Bai Youran did not take his warnings to heart.

Lin Wanwan looked at his cold expression. Not only was she not worried at all, she was instead gloating and asked with a smile, "How do you feel about being rumored together with someone for the first time?"

"The second time."

"What second time?"

"This is the second time were being rumored together."

Lin Wanwan pondered for a moment, then recalled the incident with her and Lu Zhanbei as a gay couple. She laughed. "How is that the same as this? They actually said that Im two-timing. Thats ridiculous! How can I seek connections with such a big shot like you!"

After hearing the latter half of the sentence, Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes into a dangerous arc. He said plainly, "Havent you long been seeking out connections?"


Lu Zhanbei turned his head and looked at her blank face. His eyes were a little sharp. "Lin Wanwan, who are you to me?"

" Little lover?"


Lin Wanwans lips twitched. He was for real?

Although she herself occasionally joked that she was Lu Zhanbeis lover and Lu Zhanbei was her financier, both of them knew clearly that their relationship was pure.

It looked like this man was being playful again and wanted to tease her.

"Yes, yes. Not only have I sought connections with a man of power and influence like you, I have long had you in my hands," Lin Wanwan laughed as she casually replied.

She did not pay attention to Lu Zhanbeis unfathomable eyes. She took out her mobile and continued to refresh the news. After refreshing a couple of times, she let out an "oh," as if enlightened.

"So Bai Youran provided this piece of news personally."

This morning at 8, Bai Youran had published a Weibo message.

The content was about Lin Wanwan two-timing. She even added the reporters who were present yesterday to the message, wanting to prove to them that what she said was true.

It was a pity that those reporters seemed to have a tacit understanding, and all of them turned a blind eye to it.

However, a lot of Luo Hans fans and onlookers exploded.

What the hell. My husband has been made a cuckold?

Who is Lin Wanwan to seduce other men behind Luo Hans back? Making my male god a cuckold, Ill blacklist you forever!

Wait, Luo Han hasnt admitted to dating Lin Wanwan. How can he be made a cuckold then? I think Lin Wanwan wants to cozy up to someone powerful. Shes a woman of loose morals, going around seducing others.

I dont care who she has a relationship with. Since she is involved with Luo Han, then she shouldnt be intimate with other men!

Didnt expect that even though she looks so damn innocent, shes actually so unfaithful. Whats the difference between her and those women who sold their bodies to advance in their careers?

I originally quite liked her acting as Bai Xianxian, now heh heh heh. /Goodbye

Luo Hans fan base was unimaginably huge. Once the news was exposed, the netizens had not had time to express their opinions yet when the fan base already commented every minute and dominated the hot comments.

They did not throw caution to the wind. Seeing that their idol was about to become someones spare tire, they immediately rushed to Lin Wanwans Weibo to ridicule, curse, and swear at her. Someone even posted Lin Wanwans funeral photo.