Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 2

Chapter 2 So She's A Fool

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At the thought of giving out her first kiss, she felt a little excited.


At this moment, the door was violently kicked open.

“Who’s so unromantic as to disrupt the situation now?” Thinking that it was a pity, Lin Wanwan stopped what she was doing and dressed herself properly.

More than ten reporters with cameras on their chests barged in and started to frantically snap photos of the couple on the bed.

The excitement on their faces changed instantly when they saw Tang Chen.

A reporter who knew him blurted out, “Isn’t it supposed to be the married actress Bai Yao who’s here for a secret rendezvous? Why is it young Tang instead?”

“Eh? The lady next to him looks a little familiar. She looks like the second daughter of the Lin family? Haven’t heard of her having any sort of relationship with young Tang though”

“What is going on here?”

The whisperings ruined the atmosphere in the suite. At the same time, Lin Wanwan’s eyes shone.

She was a rich young girl? Looks like the original owner of this body did not come from a simple background.

But this man he did not seem to have any legitimate relationship with the original owner.

Lin Wanwan surreptitiously looked at Tang Chen and saw the scornful smile on his face.

That look made her heart beat faster, and she instinctively slapped his hand away from her waist. Her body softened, and she collapsed to the floor.

“Who are you and why have you kidnapped me here?”

As she asked, tears started to flow down Lin Wanwan’s face. She turned pale, appearing like a big, white, and pitiful rabbit.

Thinking back to the time she pushed him down to the bed, Tang Chen was not sure if he should smile. Another layer of doubt formed in his mind.

The ability to cry at the drop of a hat was something that not even grade A actors could have easily done.

The reporters were sympathetic to Lin Wanwan’s words. A junior reporter who’d just joined the industry couldn’t help but ask, “But Tang Chen is the President of Sheng Rui Corporation! How could he have kidnapped a girl? Do you all believe her?”

“Why not?”

Someone retorted and explained in a low voice, “It hasn’t been long since you joined the industry, so you might not have known. Lin’s second daughter’s brain is a little unusual.”

He raised an example after organizing his thoughts.

“Half a year ago, at famous actor Luo Han’s movie conference, Lin Wanwan rushed to the stage and attempted to kiss Luo Han, but she failed to do so. She kept saying that there was no one else but Luo Han she would marry. In the end, the Lin family came forward to confirm that Lin’s second daughter had suffered a fever which burned her brain when she was six.”


Everyone started to look at Lin Wanwan with pity. The occasional looks they threw at Tang Chen, meanwhile, were akin to those a scum would deserve.

Tang Chen glanced at the girl who was hiding and “shivering” at the corner. He got off the bed, and his sharp eyes swept across the audience.

“Have you said enough?”

Although he gave a gentle smile, the reporters broke out in a cold sweat.

“Just a word of caution: you better watch your mouths. Regardless of how bad Lin Wanwan may be, she is still my girlfriend.”

As he said this, the entire room turned dead silent.

Even Lin Wanwan, who was currently trying to retrieve memories from this body, squinted her eyes.

This man knew how to cut his losses quickly. In order not to create a scandal, he was willing to let a fool be labeled as his girlfriend?

A pity she did not want to be controlled by anyone.

Once the reporter mentioned Tang Chen’s name, she immediately knew who he was. It was impossible not to know such a big shot in this country.

If she doesn’t draw the boundary lines with him soon, she might land herself in a worse situation.

Did she not burn her brain? It would be normal for her to be crazy, right?