Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Stupid Woman With A Low Iq And Eq

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Lin Wanwans fans came out to speak for her, but their words were all drowned in waves of scoldings.

This was just the beginning.

Within half an hour, Lin Wanwans newly built Tieba[1: A Chinese communication platform.] burst the bar. Luo Hans fan base had infiltrated her fan exchange circle, and the latter experienced all kinds of attacks.

The fighting spirit of the fan girls was as strong as before. Lin Wanwan laughed at herself. "Do I take it that Im being torn apart by my future male tickets fans?"

Out of nowhere, Lu Zhanbei asked, "Whats a male ticket?"

"You dont even know that?"

Lu Zhanbei pretended not to see her look of disdain and was not ashamed to say, "Thats why Im asking you."

"It means boyfriend."

The corner of Lu Zhanbeis lips, which initially carried a smile, came down instantly. Lin Wanwan did not notice this as her mobile suddenly rang.

Once she picked up the call, Si Han spoke quickly, "I have seen the news. The man hugging you was Lu Zhanbei, right? There are two ways to resolve this. You"

Without waiting for Si Han to finish speaking, Lin Wanwan was already smiling as she interrupted him, "No need, Si Dada. I already have an idea."

Si Han probably understood after being stunned for a moment.

That was right too. With Lu Zhanbei around, it was difficult for her to get into trouble.

"Ok, I cant be bothered to manage this either."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. This manager was really unreliable. She should fire him sooner or later!

Lu Zhanbei asked, "What idea do you have?"

"Its very simple." Lin Wanwan spelled out her well-thought-out plan, "I can complain tearfully to Luo Han about this. Ill get him to be my fake boyfriend for a period of time once he becomes soft-hearted, and Ill lie to him that well break up after this matter dies down. This way, not only will the issue naturally be solved, I can also tap on his popularity and also use this opportunity to get him to like me. Thats killing three birds with one stone! Heh, heh, heh. Im a genius!"

Towards the end, Lin Wanwan could not hide her excitement.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her snickering look, and the cold air around his eyes nearly materialized.

"Then what about me?"


Lin Wanwans eyes met his cold stare and her body immediately trembled. She thought that he minded that she did not mention explaining him clearly to the rest. She hurriedly tried to get into his good books. "Of course I wont forget about you. When the time comes, Ill just issue a statement that we are just friends. Those people do not know you anyway, so I can cook up any story I want."

Lu Zhanbei stared at her coldly for a while, then squeezed out a sentence, "What if Luo Han doesnt agree to this?"

"This" Lin Wanwan really had not thought about that yet.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her troubled expression and smiled. His smile was exceptionally charming, carrying with it a type of seduction that words could not describe. "Actually, I have an even better idea."

"Do share!"

Lu Zhanbei stared at her fixedly with a deep expression. "Between me and Luo Han, as long as someones willing to become your real boyfriend, all the problems could be resolved."

"" Lin Wanwan looked at him in a daze.

Being looked at with her clear eyes, Lu Zhanbei felt a little uneasy. He was about to say something when Lin Wanwan laughed.

"I was thinking of this too. I was planning to make Luo Han become my real boyfriend during our dating period. I didnt expect you to have the same mindset as me. Indeed, great minds think alike! However, its now back to the initial question. How do I make Luo Han agree to this?"

After speaking, she sighed.

Lu Zhanbeis smile was a little stiff. This stupid woman. Were his words not obvious enough?

He already said that Luo Han might not agree to it. Doesnt that leave her with only one choice?!