Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Heart Stopping Moment

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“Lu Zhanbei, help me think of a way, how”

Lin Wanwan had no idea what was on Lu Zhanbei’s mind. Asking him for advice only got her two firm words in return.

“Shut up!”

Lin Wanwan felt wronged. Why was he so harsh to her?

Sensing her emotions, Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes, trying to control his anger.

His frustration faded slowly, and a curve of self-mockery appeared at the edge of his lips.

He started thinking of becoming her boyfriend before he’d decided who Lin Wanwan was to him.

He had never known that he was capable of such jealousy.

Every time he heard Luo Han’s name, he had the urge to murder him

The pressure radiating from Lu Zhanbei affected Lin Wanwan. She sat quietly throughout the ride.

Fifteen minutes passed, and they arrived at their destination.

“Get off.”

Lin Wanwan sat still and glared at him as if she didn’t hear a thing.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his brows together. In the end, he gave in. “Ms. Lin, do you need me to escort you off the car?”

He wondered if Lin Wanwan was really a fool or not.

When she’s foolish, he wanted to kill her for good, but when she was smart, she seemed to know his every move.

If he’s mad, Lin Wanwan would disappear from his sight in an instant. If she couldn’t run, she would be the most obedient person on earth.

Once Lu Zhanbei gave in to her, she would take advantage of the situation to just the appropriate extent.

Lin Wanwan took the hand that Lu Zhanbei offered and said, “Don’t do this again!”

Lu Zhanbei chuckled. ‘I guess I’m at the bottom of the food chain

It was still early, so there weren’t many customers in the cafe. Lin Wanwan walked in wearing a mask. The waiter could tell that they were well-off and hurriedly invited them to the private room.

After ordering some signature dishes, they chatted mindlessly.

Lin Wanwan asked carefully, “You haven’t told me what you do for a living even after knowing you for so long.”

Lu Zhanbei took a sip of warm water. “Does it bother you?”

“Not really, I’m just curious.”

Lin Wanwan stared at his handsome face while tapping the table. Lu Zhanbei gave no reply.

She smirked. “I’ve realized that everyone around seems to be scared of you. You can’t be the president, right?”

She denied herself immediately, “No, our president is an old man.”

Seeing how curious she was, Lu Zhanbei said calmly, “If you really want to know”

At this moment, footsteps approaching the room drew Lin Wanwan’s attention.

“Yes! The food must be here! Let’s eat first and talk later!”


The door was violently kicked open.

Before Lin Wanwan could react, Lu Zhanbei had sprung up and flipped the huge dining table.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Coupled with the loud blasts of machine guns, bullets rained from the door. The table blocked most of the shots while the rest went straight for the pair.

Lu Zhanbei quickly tilted his body to avoid a bullet and glanced at Lin Wanwan.

His heart almost stopped!