Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Someones In Trouble

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A bullet was about to hit her heart


Lin Wanwan wasnt an easy target either. At that critical moment, she rolled forward and dodged the bullet point-blank.

Lu Zhanbei was relieved. He rushed over to Lin Wanwan and picked her up.

"Follow me!"

Lin Wanwan didnt want to be a burden and followed his instruction.

Lu Zhanbei pulled out a silver revolver and shot at the enemies while covering Lin Wanwan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three shots were heard, and three men went down.

His aim was magical!

If their lives hadnt been in danger, Lin Wanwan would have given him a standing ovation.

However, they were severely outnumbered by their opponents.

"Lu Zhanbei, lets jump!" Lin Wanwan suggested after studying the room from the corner of her eye.

Lu Zhanbei refused straight away. "Its the third floor. Youll be hurt."


If this were to go on, they might die here!

Lu Zhanbei tilted his head slightly, and a bullet zoomed by. He held tightly onto Lin Wanwans small hands.

Despite being trapped in a small room, he was calm and composed. "Even if we were to die, isnt it worth it to die by my side?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless; she didnt understand why he was in the mood to joke.

Just then, a bullet hit the vase in front of them, shattering it into pieces.

Under the rain of bullets, Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan dodged to the best of their abilities. Time seemed to travel slower under such conditions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Under fire, the delicate room had turned into a complete mess, filled with debris and wooden shards.

Eventually, they ran out of covers. Lin Wanwan grabbed Lu Zhanbeis hands and dashed towards the window.

If they stay in the room, they will really die!

Lu Zhanbei stayed still as a cold and murderous smirk appeared in his face.

"Its time."

Its time?

Lin Wanwan had no time to express her doubt, all she could do was urge him to hurry and jump.

Just then, the sound of uniform footsteps drew near, right on the heels of screams of torment.

A group of men in black suits appeared behind the attackers and pulled the triggers.


Silenced guns took tens of lives in an instant.

Looking at the falling enemies, Lin Wanwan froze.

It was too fast for her to react.

"Sir!" The leader of the group put aside his gun and bowed down to Lu Zhanbei. "We were late! Please punish us!"

Lu Zhanbei dusted his shoulders. "Not too late."

He turned to the window and opened it wide.

Lin Wanwan followed behind him, curious about his intention.

Below the building, a black SUV ignited its engine and took off.

A man in the car shut the window after scanning the surroundings. Although it was only for a split second, Lin Wanwan clearly recognized his face. It was Bai Yourans brother, Bai Juan!