Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Give Me A Smile

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"Its him!" Lin Wanwan broke into a cold sweat.

If they had jumped off from the window, they would have fallen into Bai Juans trap, and that would have been the end of them both.

As they watched the car drive away from their sight, Lu Zhanbeis eyes were piercing.

Lin Wanwan could feel the killing intent oozing out of his bones. She knew that Bai Juan was in trouble.

However, Bai Juan came from a rather prestigious family. Killing him might bring revenge from the Bai family.

If that should happen, Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan would have to live their lives under the threat of countless assassinations.

After clearing her thought, she smiled as if she just had a great meal. "You are going to become ugly if you are always looking so fierce! Come on, give me a smile!"

The bodyguards were shocked.

Mr. Lu had clearly hit the ceiling, yet this little girl dared to speak in such a rude manner! She must be out of her mind!

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her lively expression and recalled the scene where bullets were zooming past her chest.

It was so close

His brows raised and his voice was stinging. "When did you become such an angel? The enemy wont have mercy on you for your kindness. Forgiving your enemy is like murdering yourself!"

Lin Wanwan lowered her head. "I know that"

Under his sharps eyes, Lin Wanwan carefully stated her concerns.

"Of course, I would love to take revenge upon them. However, I dont want to live in fear for the rest of my life. How about we issue them a warning to not hurt Bai familys pride?"

"Bai family?" Lu Zhanbeis smirk was brutal. Who do they think they are?

Sensing his murderous intent, Lin Wanwan could only try her best to convince him. "I know that what happened today has made you extremely angry, but"

Lu Zhanbei cut her off, "I can forgive Bai Juan for trying to kill me."

Anyways, Lu Zhanbei was confident that he wouldnt die in the hands of a piece of trash like him.

Lin Wanwan felt relieved for a second before Lu Zhanbei continued, "But"


But, he couldnt tolerate Bai Juan putting Lin Wanwan in danger.

He had recently promised Lin Wanwan that he would never let her be in danger again, yet

"But, everyone has their bottom lines!" Lu Zhanbei stepped out of the room.

If he could forgive someone for attempting to murder him, what was his bottom line?

The restaurant was in a state of chaos; police sirens could be heard from a distance.

Getting into the car, Lin Wanwan was still debating whether or not to convince Lu Zhanbei further when, at that moment, her phone rang.

It was Tang Chen.

Lin Wanwan picked up the phone, and her voice sounded agitated. "Yes?"

Tang Chens deep voice came across. "Lin Wanwan, did your withdrawal occur again?"

"How did you know?"

Lin Wanwan froze for a second. She was sure that no one would dare to expose the news thanks to Lu Zhanbei.

Bai Youran didnt manage to get a picture. That, coupled with the fact that it was known that Lin Wanwan had been forced into taking drugs, made him decide not to expose this incident.

Tang Chen asked again, "Didnt Lu Zhanbei tell you that alcohol will trigger it?"

Tang Chen didnt believe that Lu Zhanbeis doctors wouldnt know about something like this.

"Someone tricked me into drinking it."

But how did Tang Chen know that alcohol triggered her withdrawal?