Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Heart Of A Young Girl

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Tang Chens voice deepened. "Who was it?"

Lin Wanwan didnt want to tell him; she had been trying to draw the line between Tang Chen and herself.

Before she hung up, she heard voices in the background.

"Got it." Tang Chen was the one to hang up after his final words.

Lin Wanwan put the phone back in her pocket. Looking at Lu Zhanbeis cold expression, she decided to give up convincing him.

Someone like Lu Zhanbei, who was high and mighty, no one could possibly change his mind.

Back at the Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei sent her back to her room after ordering the chefs to make a few of her favorite desserts.

Lin Wanwan questioned, "Werent you the one who said that I shouldnt eat sweet things in the morning?"

Lu Zhanbei patted her fluffy head, and his eyes were filled with such affection he himself failed to realize was showing.

"You might feel better after you eat."

This was the only way he could repay her after such a horrible morning.

Lin Wanwans eyes widened as she put her hand at her heart. "I never knew that you were so good at flirting!"

Her virgin heart


It was a word that Lu Zhanbei had never used in his life. He suddenly felt the generation gap between them.

She was seventeen, and he was twenty-five.

There was a saying that every three years comes a new generation. They were separated by three?

"It means knowing how to get to a girls heart!"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "Right. As long as youre happy."

Lin Wanwan felt like her heart was bleeding.

"Lu Zhanbei"

She looked at Lu Zhanbei "affectionately" as she prepared to spill some sensational words.

Lu Zhanbei, not realizing her feelings, continued, "Just this once."

"" She wanted to take back her words.

Didnt he understand that a mans job is to nod and pay whenever the girl wants to eat something?

No wonder he couldnt get the woman he loved. His EQ dictated that he would stay single for life.

"Have some rest after you eat. Ill be off for something."

Lin Wanwan knew that he was going to seek an answer from Bai Juan. "Ok."

When Lu Zhanbei was at the door, she couldnt help but add, "Be careful."

Lu Zhanbei wanted to tell her that he wouldnt even face any problem. But, when she saw her worried eyes, he felt like a soft and warm blanket had covered his heart.

His lips curved. "Ill be back soon."

Lu Zhanbei didnt leave the mansion. He walked to the room next door and dialed a number. "Pass the phone to Gu Mo."

Seconds later, a faint voice was heard, "Sir?"

"Gu Mo, Ill give you a chance to redeem yourself."

He continued, "Get Bai Juan to me as soon as possible."

"No problem!"

After hanging up the phone, Gu Mo tossed it away in excitement as he wiped his bloodstained face.

"Haha! Im finally free! Im never coming here again! This place is not for humans!"

If he stayed for three days, he was worried he would be scarred for life.

Thinking about this made him appreciate that b*tch, Bai Juan.

Looking as Gu Mo went crazy, a man beside him let out a lazy yawn. "Yep, this place is for animals."

" You yourself included."

After watching the man fall asleep on the sofa, Gu Mo swiftly made his exit.