Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Unspoken Consensus

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Gu Mo was fast. Within two hours, he found Bai Juans address and captured him. The only thing was he encountered an obstacle on his way back.

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows when he received the news. "What obstacle?"

"Erm" Gu Mo paused.

At this moment, his phone was snatched away, and Tang Chens voice sounded.

"Lu Zhanbei. Long story short, Im taking Bai Juan."

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. "What for? Are you planning to eat him?"

Tens of cars entirely obstructed the broad highway.

The vehicles were clearly separated into two groups. Gu Mo led a dozen Hummers, filled with well-equipped guards.

On Tang Chens side, there was a row of Maseratis blocking Gu Mos way.

The atmosphere could be cut with a knife.

Tang Chen sat on an engine with his legs crossed.

"Although I was a little later than you, I am not prepared to go back empty-handed. Give me Bai Juan, or a battle will be inevitable."

Tang Chens men raised their weapons.

Lu Zhanbeis man pointed their guns at Tang Chen as well.

Gu Mo was ready for a fight. He stared ferociously into Tang Chens eyes, waiting for the chance to make a move.

When had Mr. Lu ever given in?

This fight was inevitable.

Tang Chen smiled despite having a bunch of pistols and sniper rifles pointed at his head. He laid back and let out a loud yawn, as if he didnt hear the safety pins being pulled.

Lu Zhanbei will agree with me. Unless our teamwork is lacking.

Just as Tang Chen thought, Lu Zhanbei smirked after pondering. "I can give him to you."

Tang Chens smile became brighter.

"Alright. Since you gave in, tell me your demand."

"You can have him, but you have to provide me with the recipe of the drug in Lin Wanwans body."

Tang Chen froze for a second, then let out a sigh.

Of course, with Lu Zhanbeis connections, he could easily find out that Tang Chen had provided Tan Xinyue with the drug.

"I take back my words. Is it too late for me to fight you for Bai Juan instead?"

Just a few days ago, hed asked the lab to develop an antidote for the drug. He wanted to surprise Lin Wanwan should the withdrawal occur again.

Who knows? She might fall in love with him.

If Tang Chen were to give this chance to Lu Zhanbei, he would miss a great opportunity.

Lu Zhanbei answered with a snort.

Tang Chen knew what he meant. He spoke while waving his hand in the air. "Fine. You can have it. Lu Zhanbei, I hate you so much."

"Same to you."


Tang Chen hung up. Staring at Gu Mo, who was yet to react, he said, "You heard him. Give me Bai Juan, and Ill send you guys what you want."

Gu Mo nodded in shock.

Tang Chens business had one foot in the underground world. Although the two would have conflicts occasionally, no one would cross the line.

Tang Chen and Mr. Lu were like both rivals and friends, which explained why Gu Mo had asked for permission before attacking Tang Chen.

What bothered him was, why did Mr. Lu let Bai Juan go despite wanting him so much just minutes earlier?