Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Unforgiving Girl

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Tang Chen felt uncomfortable as Gu Mo stared at him with a strange expression. "Whats wrong? You guys are the ones benefiting from the trade."

Gu Mo signaled his men to put away their guns.

Tang Chen walked to one of the Hummers and pulled the door open to find Bai Juan, who was tied up.

"Mr. Bai." He patted Bai Juans cheek, which was swollen and filled with bruises. Under Bai Juans horrified look, he beamed. "Its my turn to show some hospitality."

"Ohh" Bai Juan wanted to call for help, but his mouth was stuffed with a dirty rug.

Tang Chen lit a cigar and took a deep breath. "Take him away!"

A few of his men took Bai Juan to another vehicle.

Not long after, the once jammed road was restored its peace.

Half an hour later, Bai Juan found himself on the torturers rack in a dim room.

Tang Chen was trimming his nails with his legs crossed while watching his victim shiver in fear.

Once the rug was pulled out of his mouth, Bai Juan pleaded for mercy. "Tang Chen, Ive never opposed you. Please let me go!"

Tang Chen was focused on his nails. "Dont say that. Who am I to decide your life, right?"

Bai Juan was on the verge of crying. "Grandpa[1: A name people call to show fear and respect.], please let me go this time. Ill never do it again."


Tang Chen laughed and turned to the man standing by his side. "Tang Qiang, I cant believe it! Am I that old that he is calling me grandpa?"

"How can that be! Young master has eternal youth and beauty!"

Tang Chen stroked his own face and mumbled, "I think so too."

"Grandpa. No Mr. Tang"

Bai Juan noticed the equipment of torture in the room and trembled in fear.

Tang Chen cut him off. His lips curved, but his eyes were cold as hell. "It doesnt matter what you call me. Bai Juan, if you had managed to kill Lu Zhanbei, I might have gone easy on you. However, you laid a hand on someone that you should have never touched."

Someone that I should never touch?

Other than Lu Zhanbei, the only target was

"Lin Wanwan!"

He finally recalled Bai Youran telling him that Tang Chen liked Lin Wanwan. Bai Juan took it as a joke, and he didnt think that someone like Lin Wanwan would matter to Tang Chen.

Looking at the situation now, Tang Chen was serious!

"Mr. Tang! I was wrong. I didnt know that you liked her. I will apologize to her, pay her for her loss! Please! Just forgive me for once! Ill never do this again!"

Bai Juan yelled for mercy with all his strength.

"Like?" Tang Chen stared into the ceiling as a hint of confusion appeared on his face. "I dont know if I like her. But, when I see anyone bullying her, I get angry. When I get angry, I will make sure to let those whod bullied her experience hell!"

He hadnt been this mad for quite some time.

Not only did Bai Juan trick Lin Wanwan into drinking alcohol, he even attempted to kill her!

Since he was sick of living, Tang Chen didnt mind sending him to hell!