Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Add Fuel To The Flame

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"Mr. Tang, Im begging you"

Tang Chen was sick of his voice. He stood up and made his way out of the room.

"Bai Juan, you should have killed yourself the moment Lu Zhanbeis men found you. In Lu Zhanbeis hands, you will die. But, in my hands, you will wish you were dead."

Hearing this, Bai Juan was scared out of his wits. He screamed while gathering all his strength to tear through the bondage.

"No! Tang Chen! You cant do this to me! The Bai family will not let this slide! Is it worth it to go against our family for a single woman?"

Tang Chen waved his hand and signaled Tang Qiang. "Let him have a taste of the new drug we made. Hell love it."


Tang Chen could still hear Bai Juans desperate screams from far away.

In the Yun Mansion, Gu Mo was asking Lu Zhanbei why he let Bai Juan go.

Lu Zhanbei held the drug recipe and said the same words as Tang Chen.

"If Bai Juan had landed into my hands, he would die. If its Tang Chen, he would wish that he was dead. Since Tang Chen is willing to clean up this mess for me, I wouldnt mind letting him have Bai Juan."

Gu Mo was in awe. "But, why did Tang Chen do this? Is he"

For Lin Wanwan?

Feeling Lu Zhanbeis sharp glare, Gu Mo shut his mouth promptly.

"However, I wouldnt mind adding fuel to the flame."

Lu Zhanbei took out another cell phone from the drawer. Different from the one he usually used, this one had plenty of contacts saved in it.

The call was picked up almost immediately. "Mr. Lu?"

A careful and joyous voice came through, sounding surprised by Lu Zhanbeis call.

"Mr. Bai."

Lu Zhanbeis voice was calm, and there was no emotion to be heard.

"First, I would like to congratulate you for becoming the first man in our country to have a chance to join the International Council. Its also great that Starship Entertainment is entering the top 50 firms in the world. However, your son doesnt seem to be doing so well these days."

Bai Yis bright smile from the first line faded, and his expression stiffened. "Mr. Lu, did my son commit any mistake?"

Lu Zhanbeis tone was mild. "How about you find out for yourself. Since you have been an honest and dignified businessman for all these years, I would kindly remind you that allowing Bai Juan to continue having things his way might bring destruction to the empire that youve built!"

"Mr. Lu!"

Lu Zhanbei cut the call before he could speak any further.

Bai Yi put his phone down with shaking hands. Although Lu Zhanbei stated that it was a reminder, it was a deadly warning!

Recalling the relationship between that man and the president, and the empire that the man had built by himself in the past decade, Bai Yi broke into a cold sweat.

Despite the Old Master Bai holding a high position as a politician, Bai Yi understood that the entire Bai family might collapse in an instant under Lu Zhanbeis influence.

"Come here!"

A man who looked to be a butler rushed in. "Sir?"

"Find out what kind of trouble my unfilial child had brought me! Right now!"

Two may keep counsel, putting one away. In a short moment, Bai Yi had received every detail of Bai Juans doing.