Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 208

Chapter 208 : Cutting Bonds

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Hearing the report, Bai Yi collapsed onto the sofa. He decided to give the old master a call after pondering for a while.

After he put down his phone, another report came in. “Sir, the young master is back!”

Bai Yi held his fist tight and walked out.

In the living room, Bai Juan looked pathetic as he laid prone on the floor.

The tendons in his legs were cut, and his body was severely injured. Blood oozed from his wounds, coloring the expensive carpet to a crimson red.

Seeing Bai Yi, he crawled over with all his strength. A cry of hatred escaped his mouth as he grabbed onto Bai Yi’s leg.

“Father! Avenge me! Tang Chen and a man named Lu Zhanbei did this to me. Tang Chen even drugged me!”

Bai Yi couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He held his tear back and spoke after taking a deep breath. “From this moment, you, Bai Juan, are no longer a descendant of the Bai family. Your life and death will mean nothing to us. Do you understand?”

Bai Juan froze. His face had nothing but confusion. “Father, what are you talking about?”

Bai Juan could have never imagined that what awaited him wasn’t a comforting family but a permanent exile.

Bai Yi took his eyes off and waved his hand in exhaustion. “Throw him out!”

Two of the servants quickly held onto Bai Juan. Bai Juan had no strength left in his body, and all he could do was yell with all his might. “Why? I am your only son! What about Grandpa? He will never allow you to do this to me!”

“This is what your Grandpa ordered.”

“” Bai Juan couldn’t believe it. “No way! I’ve always been Grandpa’s favorite! How can he chase me out of the family?”

Bai Yi turned back to him as he sighed. “No matter how much Grandpa loves you, we wouldn’t risk losing our century of effort for you. You can only blame yourself for offending someone that our family can never afford to go against!”

Someone that the Bai family wouldn’t dare oppose?

“Tang Chen?”


Although Tang Chen was powerful, he wasn’t enough to scare Grandpa to this extent, letting go of his only successor!

Could it be

“Lu Zhanbei?”

Bai Yi nodded.

Bai Juan clenched his fist! Now that he thought of it, Bai Youran said that that man had a mysterious background.

He wanted to ask who exactly Lu Zhanbei was, but Bai Yi was done talking.


Bai Juan’s begging didn’t grant him any mercy. He was dragged out of the room, leaving two trails of blood.

“Eh” Bai Yi fell onto the sofa, looking ten years older.

“Father, I’m back.”

Just then, Bai Youran walked in with a few shopping bags in her hands. She came to realize that only Bai Yi and his bodyguards were in the living room. “I heard my bother’s voice from outside. Where did he go?”

Having just lost his only son, Bai Yi was in no mood to chat with Bai Youran.

“Youran, I know that you have been going tit-for-tat with an actress named Lin Wanwan. I order you to delete whatever comments that you have made and give her a public apology. If she does not accept it, you will go down on your knees to beg for her forgiveness!”