Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 209

Chapter 209 The End Of Bai Youran

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Bai Youran couldn’t believe what she heard. She dropped the bags in her hand and yelled, “Father! Are you drunk? Lin Wanwan embarrassed me in front of Luo Han! It’s fine if you don’t want to help me, but asking me to apologize to her on my knees? That b*tch doesn’t deserve it!”


Bai Yi gave her a tight slap on the face.

The stinging pain from her face pulled her back to reality. Looking at her father who showed no emotion, tears glided down her cheeks. “You hit me?”

“I’m saying this for the last time. Are you going to apologize?”

Bai Youran’s blood was boiling. Her hatred towards Lin Wanwan had never been so intense. “No! Never!”

“Fine!” Bai Yi’s voice was ice cold. “Butler, send her to Mr. Peter in the States. It’s about time she gets married!”

Bai Youran froze in place.

Married? To a man who was over fifty years old and had a dozen children?

“Are you out of your mind? I am your only daughter. How can you be this cruel to me!”

In a frenzy, Bai Youran charged at Bai Yi like an enraged beast. The bodyguards immediately stopped her.


No matter how Bai Youran cried in agony, it couldn’t change Bai Yi’s decision.

He had already given up on his only successor, it wouldn’t be hard to let go of a daughter.

The best he could wish for was that his action was enough to satisfy Lu Zhanbei.

When Lu Zhanbei heard about the Bai family’s response, he raised his brows. “How ruthless.”

Gu Mo nodded.

It made sense when looking at the big picture. Compared to losing the entire company, losing a pair of children didn’t seem that significant.

“This ends here.”

Hearing this, Gu Mo knew that the Bai family would live to see another day.

Gu Mo spoke carefully, “Although Bai Youran was sent overseas, Ms. Lin is still under fire from Luo Han’s fans due to her comments. Sir, since you have taken action, how about solving this as well?”

Lu Zhanbei took his phone out after some consideration.

“Hi, nephew. It’s me.”

A calm voice came across. “Hi, Uncle.”

Lu Zhanbei let out a “fatherly” smile. “Uncle has something that you can help with.”


Gu Mo froze as he listened to the conversation between the “uncle” and “nephew.”

Wasn’t Luo Han a rival of love?

From a rival to a nephew, Luo Han was being oppressed using his seniority.

It’s so shameless!

The call ended, and Lu Zhanbei turned to see Gu Mo’s judgemental face. His lips curved as he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Mr. Lu is so witty! Right! Witty!” Gu Mo almost let his words slip. He threw Lu Zhanbei a “lovely” wink.

Lu Zhanbei was disgusted. “Don’t ever act cute again!”

“Wasn’t I adorable?”

Gu Mo remembered clearly that Lin Wanwan’s cute acts were pretty well received.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have read his mind. He said as he left the room, “Lin Wanwan is cute. You are gross.”